IMDb launches What to Watch App exclusively on Amazon Fire TV


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Could be an interesting pastime for some but partnerships like this can’t really be trusted after Rotten Tomatoes obviously changed aspects of its platform to suit some Disney/Marvel releases.

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This is another transitioning model to a business product of theirs called FreeVee. It's an ad-based platform. They had a a launch of the new Bosch, which I am a fan of, that was watermarked with the name FreeVee throughout. I lasted the first 15 seconds which opened with a lone car driving on an empty L. A. street. Rather than watching a movie, I just kept reading the name over and over and over again. Not a good thing. So now you play a game and Amazon can make your viewing choices. Ah, I don't think so...

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This seems like something that could be useful if done right, but in my personal experience it misses the point more often than not and the recommendations are frequently all over the place or point only to things already seen. Still, it would not seem to be too much of a problem to try it out to see if the algorithms have improved.

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I loved when IMDB had their forums and it was easy to discuss movies and TV shows with others.

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Amazon Fire is already compromised. I have never watched wrestling, Tucker Carlson or Hannity, but these are continually thrown at me as recommended for me personally.

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