In '76 Days,' a documentary portrait of lockdown in Wuhan


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predictive programming folks - coming to a city near you soon (if you don’t speak out)

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Very interesting! I just read this earlier:

Leaked documents reveal China severely underreported coronavirus cases as the pandemic spread


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@ Numan. The whole world knows that the Chinese communist party lied and underreported the real figures. I am surprised that Wu was allowed to film without having the right contacts with local officials and politicians. If so, then it is political.

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Despite the precautions, one of the overworked young newly-wed nurses got infected and almost died, while her husband couldn't do anything about it but let her suffer alone isolated in their bedroom (no more rooms in the Wuhan hospital, until a couple weeks later when she was finally able to get a room and into a ventilator to save her life)

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The Chinese government blatantly lies or distorts the truth to suit their agenda.

Corona numbers, economic figures, digitally manufactured pictures - believe them at your own peril.

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True. The Chinese government lies just as much as the Trump administration. I don't believe either of them. But neither do I believe that the pandemic in China was ever as bad as in Europe or USA. You can't hide that sort of stuff, unless you're in North Korea.

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How about a story of Dr. Li and his short lived life in alerting the world to the Wuhan virus? The world needs the truth and not the CCP smiley "Not us" version...

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