In a comeback season for Hollywood, a summer without bombs


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(Europe was down)


Sometime we forgot the other side of the world. But, this year, two major events discouraged any kind of blockbuster hope in France (Europe):

the evil prince wedding with an american fake-black girl in an effort to transform a fake ruby on a real one in the middle of Canne Festival (of course on purpose);

the football world cup in Russia (won by my team, the first time I look and they won the cup, youpii !).

Those two clearly broke the Canne spirit and monopolize TV with some popular and "must to know" event to watch. The blockbusters were for Tv this year in France (big world cinema country).

Then you had some few real wars to follow, Trump constant TvShows, neo-nazi come-back in Europe, a urge sage death toll to remember, and the cherry on the cake : a "porteflingue", the Benalla affair or the president's killer in charge to insure he was "comfortably set" at Elysée, with the real parliament justice commission (assembly fake one, and senat taking it god seriously) asking question to may be "destitute" (fire) the french president for "deshonore" (simple word toi say risking the earth nuclear security by letting unsecured people entering the Elysée Palace and close to french red nuclear suitcase). In Europe, Tv SHows were the best this summer.

The Incredibles were the only hit this summer en France and it wasn't even a good film. It is important to have a film to advertise the first male hero able to take care of his kid and be fakefully happy about his wife getting the better job. It was of course more important than showing the first female true hero at work to save the world.

Only male action get advertisement and screentime in the world. But, during the #metoo parade ? It might be the reason of cinema losses this summer.





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I don't know how you define a major bomb, but Billionaire Boys Club didn't do so well. Box office just $126 on first day.


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I don't know how you define a major bomb, but Billionaire Boys Club didn't do so well. Box office just $126 on first day.

This is like the nuclear equivalent of a box office bomb. Apparently it averaged out to about 6 people per theatre that went to see the movie.

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The Incredibles film was a great sequel. Of course it's not as fresh as the original but it's still a great ride with some fabulous animation and intelligence. Hopefully there won't be another 14 year wait for part 3!

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