Asian-American rom-com 'Always Be My Maybe,' ethnicity is secondary


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Did someone say Keanu Reeves and Daniel Dae Kim? Oh my... Come hell or high water, I shall see this film.

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Watched the trailer last week when Netflix sent an email. For TV show watches, it might be OK, especially for the ladies since the main male character is weak. I thought it was the typical trashy sitcom that’s been the mainstay for 3 decades now.

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That Park guy is funny as hell. I'll be seeing this.

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I watched half of this and I like it so far, much better than I expected.

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since the main male character is weak.

What, because he doesn't have bulging muscles, because his pants aren't half way down his knees, because he doesn't manspread, because he treats other people with respect, because he's Asian, or some other reason? What exactly is going to please you? You stick to your typical American action hero stuff, and let other people enjoy something different for a change. You know where the off button is.

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It's good - significantly better than I expected. Kind of Slumdog Millionaire meets typical romantic comedy with some social commentary thrown in. Laughed out loud several times.

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The newly released Netflix movie "Always Be My Maybe," is an Asian-American rom-com with a twist: Ethnicity isn't central to the plot.

So why emphasize Chinese American through the whole article?

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Why no Japanese American dramas instead?

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The trailer proves this to be a rather low budge, poor acting rom com.

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...playing best friends and soul mates who happen to be Asian, which may be the most refreshing part of all.

I agree 100%. The way past racism (and sexism as well, for that matter) is to get to a point where these things simply don't matter. They're not advertised, they're not promoted, they're not celebrated, they're not built up... they just don't matter. A rom-com should be about the story - who cares if they're Asian, white, black, whatever? When we can stop saying "Asian rom-com" and just call it a "rom-com" is what society ought to be aiming for.

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Asian should be categorized as

Yellow Asians

Light Brown Asians

Dark Brown Asians

In fact, two groups should have had different names but it won't work now.

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Asian should be categorized as

Yellow Asians

Light Brown Asians

Dark Brown Asians

Way, way too complicated.

Asians should be categorised as people.

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People should be categorised as people.No labels required.

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Unlike this article that just went on, and on about Asian-ness, the film looks something I will enjoy. (I'm with Maria: Keanu and DDKim! I'm in!)

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Ethnicity is irrelavent? And yet it's referred to as an Asian American Romcom?

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Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keanu_Reeves#Early_life

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Pls make a good movie with real story behind it.

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Ethnicity doesn't matter to the movie, but look how they ate dim-sum and took their shoes off!

Also, this is the second article about an Asian-American project that went out of it's way to mention that the characters eat dim-sum. Odd.

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