In film, audiences and talent shift from cinema to TV


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Old news. I remember when, in Western countries at any rate, you didn't move down (movies to TV), you moved up. But these days all the big actors are moving back to TV; it's more practical. You can go pay 1800 yen to see one episode of what will ultimately be like a TV mini-series anyway, or you can just watch it for free (well, cable fee) on the boob-tube at home, weekly. TV is FAR more diverse than it used to be -- you have an entire genre based on zombies, and the major networks coming up with 20 or so pilots a year. TV is much better than movies these days, the only real difference being you're less likely to be distracted at a movie theater, and have more popcorn, than at home.

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wrong. talent shifts from cinema and tv to the internet. welcome to the 21st century.

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The movies have become so boring that I can't watch them any longer. It's a good thing that there are still good books out there.

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Well TV series will always have the advantage of being able to explore depths of stories and characters, etc. much further than movies as they're simply longer as well.

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