In memoir, Katie Couric writes of feeling betrayed by Lauer


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"Katie Couric writes of feeling betrayed by Lauer"

Well, a lot of people feel betrayed by Katie Couric. She did one of the final interviews with Constitutional Revisionist and Abortion Heroine Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before her passing, where the Justice mentioned her distaste at seeing pro athletes kneeling for the National Anthem. "Dumb and disrespectful", Ginsburg called the entire affair.

And Katie...being the "journalist" that she is...yeah, she cut that entire part from her interview. Because..."journalism" is political advocacy these days; all about putting one's thumb on the scales to tip the balance if one can.

Couric needed to "protect" yet another of her "off-message" Leftist advocates from public criticism?

No, she didn't. Smh~

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Clearly this women is a train wreck in motion, hope the latest dude survives.......

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Never liked this woman, she let her entitled life get to her head and ruined a lot of relationships throughout the years and always made things about herself.

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I bet if she had a pet she would say bad things about the pet also.

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Today’s mid-morning, coffee-break spit-take! :

- “I bet if she had a pet she would say bad things about the pet also.” -

Brought to you by Nescafé. We’ll return after these commercial messages.” used to be be North America’s cherub-faced, ‘darling of the morning’s standard segue. What’s has changed her ??

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Throws everyone including her dead husband under the bus and says she was standing up for women when in fact she was stepping on them to get ahead. I hope she’s screwed over any prospective career return as badly as she screwed over her peers.

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And a legal giant like RGB, didn’t need and wouldn’t want a cream puff like Katie “protecting” her.

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