In three shaken U.S. cities, Lady Gaga tries to channel 'fury into hope'

By Barbara Goldberg

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It’s great that she is doing this. I visited the website and found it shameful that teachers at public schools have to basically beg for money for some of the simplest things. The American government is wasting money here and there while not focusing on what’s really important, the education of kids. Good for her to shine a light on this website, and good for her fans for adding to her original donation.

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It would also be great if people like Lady Gaga came out against all the violent action movies that make billions of dollars for Hollywood. Movies that are ablaze with blinding explosions, high-power weaponry killing “alien forces” amid casual joking one-liners by the “heroes”.

But that’s okay? You don’t think that desensitizes young people to violence and firearms??

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Lady Gaga has pledged to fund as students in those shaken communities,

Gaga pledged to "fully fund" 162 school projects,

Among those that Gaga chose to full fund is a $462 project at Whitaker Elementary School in El Paso.

'Pledge' doesn't necessarily mean she has given anything. We know she (may) have given a measly 462dollars, hardly worth mentioning

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Gaga pledged to "fully fund" 162 school projects, including requests made by teachers from 125 classrooms in El Paso, 14 classrooms in Dayton and 23 classrooms in Gilroy.

She has made this pledge, no reason for us to assume she won't deliver on it. A lot of people will be watching, and if she doesn't carry through, social media will be merciless.

I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga's music, but I say kudos to her for trying something positive. Of course what's really needed in the US is gun law reform, but in the absence of that people do what they can.

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cant see any harm, but like allot of what these celebrities do, probably wont amount to anything. I think Sean Penn was going hard and "helping" Haiti, seems nothing ever came of that. He got to pick a cause though, you know a celebrity isnt a celebrity without a cause.

She could buy abandoned homes in Detroit, and then raise money to create inner city trade schools that train and pay machine operators to tear down abandoned buildings and create opportunities.

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The $752 project "will allow them to practice collaboration, solutions-based thinking, empathy and have fun!" teacher Nicole Pearson said in her appeal.

Every bit helps. Well done to Gaga and all involved.

The key word here is "empathy".

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Good for Gaga.

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Disabled students in Dayton, Ohio, will get bouncy chairs to help calm them for learning.

Yeah... not sure how bouncing chairs helps calm anybody, but cool story bro.

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Yes the wealthy disappear here in times of public need. When they do show up  it's for their own ego. The Lady Gaged could outfit more.

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I only know of Michael Jackson and Bill Gates who have delivered on their pledge. All others came to nothing.

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