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India board censors 2 Bond kissing scenes in 'Spectre'


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It’s the country that gave the world the Kama Sutra, but India’s notoriously prudish film board has ruled that long kissing scenes in the new James Bond movie “Spectre” are not suitable for Indian audiences.

Lol, I guess they never watch Indian music video's!

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So its Kiss, Bang, Bang OK in India.

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And this is a country where rape is rampant. Guess you can blame Bond for that, too.

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All censorship is ridiculous pretty much anywhere I see it. But the local people have a nasty tendency to think "their" censorship is the best and most correct type.

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And this is a country where rape is rampant. Guess you can blame Bond for that, too.

Trevor, Do you have any experience of this, being on the receiving end ? Just google the basics and you will not be surprised by which country leads the rape in world !

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My personal favourite is -

SanskariJamesBond Dies Another Day and gets reincarnated the next day.>

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"One who only shakes (not stirs) his buttermilk" (sanskari)

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It’s the country that gave the world the Kama Sutra

The whole world took it too seriously IMO.

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Ironically, lip-locks are pretty common in Bollywood films and in that light this ban on a Hollywood production seems somewhat strange! Other bans such as adversely impacting religious feelings or conveying wrong messages on social issues are understandable but not scenes which are considered sexy under Indian standards!

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Back on topic please.

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There's 1.2 billion Indians and their population growth will have them surpass China within a decade. Clearly the only prudes in the country are busy staffing the film board.

So ridiculous. What is it about government bureaucracy that leads to such a concentration of fun-starved busy-bodies?

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"The Mumbai-based Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has reined in the fictional British spy’s famously lusty romantic life by cutting the length of two passionate embrace scenes"

Can someone please rein in the CBFC?

"Lol, I guess they never watch Indian music videos!"

Especially the ones I see at the Mumbai Indian restaurant in Mita, lol.

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Guys talking about Gang Rapes in India are talking based on personal experience ?

Is it really that bad ? Will be in India on an official trip soon. Any insights ?

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Kissing scenes are Fiction Rampant rape & subjugation of Indian Women-FACT-FACT-FACT !

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@Trevor, thanks. You nailed it.

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Maybe, instead of the kissing scenes, Bond could break into a song or two.

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