Inside the cut-throat battle to build K-pop's next superstars

By Kang Jin-kyu

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Good luck to them but without a few consecutive hits to propel them into the spotlight they'll be here and gone after a couple years.

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The age of the femimale is here.

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All these boy bands, no matter where they're from, are all the same. Voice, dance routine, fashion, physique.

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Manufactured for people who know what they like, and only like what they know. You can tweak the formula a tiny bit, as long as you don't frighten the horses and don't mess it up for the "factory-like mass-production system" as described by the former idol in the article.

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"Every year more than 50 idol groups launch into the market," said Kim Jin-hyung, the label's co-chief executive. "Only a couple of them survive. If Blitzers succeed the company succeeds," he told AFP. "If they fail, it's almost certain we'll have to shut down our business."

So we need variety. Maybe I can round up my friends who are middle aged bald guys to make a new splash. Will the market welcome us?

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I watched the Black Pink documentary on Netflix with my daughter (who is a huge fan). I was left feeling pity for them by the end of

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There's a special type of ignorance required to look past the earrings, make-up and hairspray these 'men' routinely apply to themselves to not see the 60 pound weakling underneath it all.

Cal lthis lunacy out for what it is: Mocking masculinity.

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Thirty teenagers, thousands of hours of training,

They forgot hundreds of hours of cosmetic surgery, including eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, etc..

I know many in the industry around the world have cosmetic surgery but the South Koreans take to another level, they are more plastic than Ken and Barby!

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The scary thing is these guys look like my son did when he was seriously ill as a teenager in hospital and underwent multiple surgeries!

Basically 40Kg or less being fed by a feeding tube.

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lol like 4 of them have the same chin, nice plastic surgeon.

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Sounds like human trafficking & disposing to me

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American teenagers want a piece of K-Pop dream too.


NCT Hollywood tops Twitter trends as SM Ent partners with MGM Television to launch new US based K Pop group

SM Entertainment is partnering with MGM Television to launch a U.S.-based sub-unit of NCT! Read on to find out.

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I know you support Korea, but this boy bands are not good. I don't support them in Japan either.

I think both Japan and South Korea should push a more alpha male type of image and energy instead of this feminist version of a man.

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Not to worry. In a couple of decades, they'll be replaced by androids made by LG.

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