'Iron Man 3' to be partly filmed, produced in China


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Will Iron Man defeat the evil communist Chinese?

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They need to open IMAX screens there in China. Give the movie industry a chance. Everybody enjoys a good flick and a bucket of popcorn.

Perhaps it will slow down the illegal downloading and copying if they know how to have a relaxing date with a pretty girl.

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Lucky he wasn't made in China or he would fall apart or get sick with lead poisoning

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so that means there will some prominent chinese actor/actress in the movie? Jackie chan, Chow yun fat, Yuen Biao?

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Will Iron Man defeat the evil communist Chinese?

Communists are so 1960s. They were defeated by evil capitalist Chinese.

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Communists are so 1960s.

So was the original Iron Man when he fought them.

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Of course, they were not Chinese, though.

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"Iron Man 3, the Dim Sum Chronicles."

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"Lucky he wasn't made in China or he would fall apart or get sick with lead poisoning"

Can't deny the lead poisoning. After all, a significant batch of toys from China was just rounded up within the last few years by U.S. officials for having lead paint used in their manufacture.

But as for the "fall apart" comment? If you attempted to assign a percentage to the number of basic components -- particularly anything made of plastic -- made in China that are used with a nary a problem in a vastly number of personal comsumer electronics, you might feel a little bit silly you went with such an outdated and inaccurate stereotype.

Virtually everything made by Apple, while designed and fabricated elsewhere is assembled in China -- and assmebled well, if the iPhone's ridiculous popularity is any indicator. The components of most laptops, including the Dell I'm currently typing away on are actually made in China, although the final product is put together in the Philippines -- and my Dell is humming along just fine since buying it 4 years ago.

Of course, I can't imagine Tony Stark leaving the manufacture of his suit in the hands of anyone other than him. Proprietary technologies and all that.

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Commie man

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"Hollywood blockbusters are incredibly popular in China"

Did the Chinese gov't ever approve Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

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The US, getting more dependent of China everyday! ;-)

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Commie man.

Think. If it were set in your country, it would be called 'Irrelevant in the 21st century' Man.

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sorry japan that's where the money is now !!!!

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One of Iron Man's arch-nemeses was a super villain known as The Mandarin. In the comics he discovers alien technology and attempts to take over China and the world. I'm assuming location shoots in China mean he'll be introduced in the next movie. The special effects have been the most entertaining aspect of the Iron Man movies so far. I hope this one has a decent story.

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Great, Disney went for the $$$$. Good to be in bed with a one party dictatorship that jails its own citizen for writing about democracy and forbids him to go get his Nobel Peace Prize. I'm sure the Chinese will look like the good guys in this movie and perhaps a Chinese Star or two should bne added,. And nothing that criticizes China in any way manner or form shoiuld be in the story. Or else.

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OssanAmerican: And nothing that criticizes China in any way manner or form shoiuld be in the story. Or else.

Just like the right wing Japanese who don't tolerate criticism of Japan and block any showings of 'anti-Japan' films, eh?

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