'Iron Man' star Downey presents boy with bionic arm


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Looks like we need more research into bionics now doesn't it? There are 2 ways to tackle this, either R&D more into mechanical devices that can wear out and require some sort of energy or moving parts, or develop more biological based items like growing and adapting cells into functional human body parts. Always beautiful to see this kind of engineering being done.

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Oh, that kid must've been so thrilled about that arm. Meeting Robert Downey Jr, getting a bionic arm (in Iron-Man Style) AND fistbumping with Iron Man... What a lucky boy!!

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Just like Tony Stark said after he fired up the thrusters on his first primitive suit to escape the terrorists and landed safely, not bad!

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This is great stuff. Actually quite a few of the Marvel boys have been doing things like this. Recently, Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) visited a few hospitals to spread the good feels.

Would love to see more in Hollywood on this trend for no other reason than it makes kids happy.

Additional props to Albert Manero- instead of going for profit he put the plans to his arm online for free. The man deserves grant money and/or a medal.

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Saw the video a couple of days ago. Respect to a R. Downey Jr. for this.

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Really great. E-nable also do really good work providing low cost functional arms/hands to children.

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That was wonderful.

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