J Soul Brothers join Exile


Four new members of J Soul Brothers (JSB) have joined dance and singer group Exile, bringing the group's number to 13.

JSB, which made their major debut on Feb 25, is the name that Exile used to use before. Exile leader Hiro, 39, said, “The JSB members share the same vision and flair as we do. They are like a second-generation Exile. Now, we will be even more powerful.”

The new Exile will release its latest song “The Monster – Someday-” on April 15, and start a nationwide tour from May 9.

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Four more egos to deal with

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This got edited out:

"The new move is expected to result in skyrocketing stage construction costs, as current structures are not capable of holding such an unprecedented number of fancy men."

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These guys are to soul what Jero is to enka.

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People will spend the next few albums trying to differentiate their voices...it'll be too many to decipher

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EXILE is just 2 singers and a crap load of back up dancers. The new editions won't mean a single thing.

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