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Jackie Chan, Hong Kong stars to stage concert for Japan


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his favorite car brand is Mitsubishi. He and other Hong Kong movie stars like sushi and other things belong to Japan. Thanks for his generosity.

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ALLRIGHT, jackie and other HK people! We are all brothers and sisters! i am so happy to see the good people of the world step up! STAND BY JAPAN!

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sushi and other things belong to Japan>

what does sushi and Mitsubishi have to do with being generous and caring?

This article neglected to mention the participation of celebrities from China, Taiwan and S. Korea for this event. Entertainers in Taiwan had a big telethon raising millions for the victims last weekend.

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Jackie Chan loves Japan when he was young in his career. Now he has become a big star in Asia and the world. if we don't care his personal life, we cannot understand why he got involved in doing some charity activities for Japan's tsunami and quake victims. ... He has filmed with stars from South Korea, Taiwan, China, U.S., Japan and other countries, so he could invite his friends and co-stars to join these activities.

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asian tourist: Jackie Chan also loves China where he lives and works most of the time. His love spreads far and wide around the world. I doubt if Jet Li likes sushi or has filmed with Japanese stars, but he also made a big donation to the Japan Red Cross.

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aj201: People like asianTourist are desperate to make what they can of this disaster. A Chinese donating to Japan??????? That, to asianTourist, is tantamount to conspiracy!

"his favorite car brand is Mitsubishi. He and other Hong Kong movie stars like sushi and other things belong to Japan."

And if you pointed out the favourites of suma-suma (Smap-station) asianTourist would have to spin around faster than a Sufist (look it up, son). asianTourist just wants to be angry, and is even more angry that other nations are giving more than the Japanese. This makes him furious, but he can help by trying to give more himself.

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Zorro lives

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