Jackie Chan: It's time to slow down


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Another, "This may be your last chance folks..." press release.

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Chinese Zodiac was such a bad movie. Would've loved to see more Drunkenmaster type of movies. Alas too late now.

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But I had heard he was tired of "comedy" and "dangerous antics" and that he had wanted to do some more "serious" type of filming but nobody took him seriously...?

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Sometimes,,you literally can't believe your eyes as, he kicks, flips, leaps and dives his way through some of the most sophisticated cinematic mayhem you've ever witnessed. In old age you know who you are; the identity crisis plagues you no more

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Dislike this man intensely!

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He trained Jaden Smith, so we're okay. We can have Jaden Smith movies from now on.

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He is an excellent fighter and performs some crazy stunts. I respect him and will be sure to catch his next movie.

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Jackie Chan: It's time to slow down

Maybe he should try Mime.

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Jackie Chan has had no MA-Training, different to Jet LI who is still learning new styles. Most people mistake acrobatics for MA.

At his age and his history of accidents it is a wise move to slow down.

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In Beijing Opera he not only learned to dance and sing along with acrobatics but Wing Chun Kung Fu. He has also studied Hapkido were he is a black belt under Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim. Jackie has trained in Shaolin Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do etc. Those who say he does not know or practice real marital arts I would pay actual money to have you challenge him in a sparring match.

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He's not a realistic actor but he is great for entertainment. He's funny and entertaining but not for taking serious. He is what this world needs. Laughter and entertainment. Take care of yourself Jackie and keep us entertained. You're great!

2 ( +2 / -0 )

We miss you jackie... Waiting to see you again.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Good riddance!!!

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Followed him since he was just an extra - some of his post-credit scenes in movies show him doing his own stunts, injuring himself, etc. Even in American films like Rush Hour, he's still doing his own stunts, getting injured, etc.

Like him or hate him, he embodies someone who built himself up from nothing. Only fault I can think of is him associating w/ Jaden Smith, ugh.

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Jackie Chan, and anyone else who does their own stunts to even a fraction of what he does, is amazing. He's no Broadway actor, for sure, but he's funny, warm, and needless to say excellent at performing stunts. That said, he is indeed getting old and deserves to slow down.

As for all those bashing him, like TimTak and Co., the guy said Chinese Zodiac would be his last BIG action movie, not his last movie, and not one of you could do what he has done. Not too many at all that can do what he's done, I'd say. Jet Li and Michelle Yeow are also pretty amazing. Anyway, I look forward to the next flick.

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Sure, Jackie Chan has no MARTIAL ARTS training!! Hahaha! I wanna see those talking their smack here go up to Jackie Chan and try and PICK A FIGHT with him!! I will bet my $$$ that he will kick many a loud mouths a$$ inside out!! I was kicked on TV by a very OLD, SKINNY, POOR looking old Thai Mue Tai Master, I was using one of those HUGE PADS to use while practicing. I thought, you know this poor old guy will not even be able to lift his old skinny, bony legs and HE KICKED MY ASS ACROSS the TV STUDIO almost knocking down the tables behind me where the Japanese MC was sitting down!! They almost fell too!! So sure, go ahead, try to JUDGE an OLD BOOK by it cover, but when they turn out to be BAD ASSES?? You better run as fast as you can, one you piss off one of these KUNG FU etc..guys or gals, they will kick your A$$!!

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He even admitted that in all his early movies he created his own moves as he had no MA training.

Trained martial artists can spot easily if and how much training someone has. Big difference between MA and movie-fu.

Most ma-stars like Steven Seagal, Jason Statham, etc never use MA they studied on a movie.

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Time to slow down? Maybe you can ask your son for some of that weed he was arrested for hahaha!

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@yildiray... If Jacki's son was busted in in the West, he'd have been held in esteem. A badge of honor. Twisted isn't it?

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@mountainpearAUG. 18, 2014 - 10:03AM JST

Dislike this man intensely!

I fully agrree with you. I dislike rope-fu movies and actors.

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