Jackie Chan reflects on 50-year career and honorary Oscar


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Good on 'im. He's an icon of the cinema.

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Great actor, and a great person!

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He doesn't believe in democracy.

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Operation Condor and Legend of the Drunken master, by far his best stuff. Too bad he only made crap movies the last 7 years.

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He doesn't believe in democracy.

Much less so now that Trump won....

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I love this guy... very humble (well, a couple of controversial stances when it comes to China), funny, obviously talented -- especially in the stunt department -- and genuine. His answers are all very good as well. Well done, Jacky. Sad to see you get old.

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He had an autobiography about 15 or 20 years ago, in which at the end he had a list of all the injuries he had suffered such as having broken almost every bone in his body at some point.

What was your most challenging film to make and why?

Chan: “Rumble in the Bronx” had a lot of action choreography, fighting sequences, and dangerous stunts

If you see the final 'barefoot' water skiing' chasing the hovercraft sequence in this movie Jackie's left leg is in a plaser cast which is visible if you are paying attention - he had broken his leg making a fight scene the previous day.

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I've had the pleasure of meeting him in person. Actually, I just patted him on the back when he came off the movie set. It was 1998. Haven't washed my right hand ever since.

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He has saught a position in the Chinese government before. He had bad words to say about the US. And yet he can still go to the USA and enjoy the freedom of speech. Doubt he could do that in China.

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Loved him as a kid, drove only Mitsubishis like him in the movies and ate chewing gum off the walls like him too. He often came to Japan to promote his movies and I enjoyed watching his commercials made here too.

He then went to Hollywood, the movies went bad and never got better.

Then he delved into politics and became a puppet of the Chinese government and said some very stupid and outrageous things that upset many people. Such as "The air quality in Beijing isn't that bad", "With too much freedom in Hong Kong, it will be a mess", "I believe we Chinese people in Hong Kong need to be controlled".

A lot of my Chinese friends and I don't have the time for him now.

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@ThePBot He's commented negatively on democracy in China but I doubt he's said anything about Orange-Prez. Are we giving up on democracy? Get rid of that electoral college!

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