Jackson estate slams as 'pathetic' abuse claims in new documentary


Michael Jackson's estate has condemned an upcoming documentary about alleged child sexual abuse by the late singer as another"outrageous and pathetic attempt" to cash in on his fame.

The documentary "Leaving Neverland" will be screened at the Sundance independent film festival later this month and will be shown on cable channel HBO and Britain's Channel 4 television network this spring, festival organizers and HBO said.

It features interviews with two men, now in their 30s, who say they were befriended by the singer and sexually abused by him when they were young boys, according to the filmmakers.

The "Thriller" singer, who died in 2009, was acquitted at a 2005 criminal trial in California on charges of molesting a different, 13-year-old boy, at his Neverland ranch.

The documentary focuses on the experiences of Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Both men filed lawsuits against the Jackson estate alleging sexual misconduct after the singer's death and both cases were dismissed. Robson had testified at Jackson's 2005 trial in the singer's defense.

"This so called ‘documentary’ is just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations," Jackson's estate said in a statement. "This is yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson."

Director Dan Reed said he had no question about the validity of the stories of the two men.

"If there’s anything we’ve learned during this time in our history, it’s that sexual abuse is complicated, and survivors’ voices need to be listened to," he said in a statement.

Jackson's sudden death at age 50 of an overdose of the anesthetic that he was using as a sleep aid triggered worldwide grief and a surge in record sales.

According to an annual Forbes survey, Jackson has been the top earning dead celebrity for the past six years. In 2018, Forbes estimated he earned $400 million, thanks to the sale of his stake in EMI Music Publishing and other ventures including a television special and the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show"One."(

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Do they also slam MJ's inappropriate behavior of being a grown man having sleep over's with children while sharing his bed with them? Was MJ so naive to think it would be ok to let his kids sleep in the same bed with a full grown man who's been accused of child sexual abuse?

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His 'estate' has not made any attempt to actually deny the allegations, though, according to this article.

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If MJ is guilty he will pay in the next life. Why flog a dead horse now since MJ himself is dead?

There's a docu in America about R Kelly, who's still living and his record of sex crimes and perversion spans decades and the allegations side-by-side make a stretch of light-years.

There's no need to get on a bandwagon with a story about a deceased star. Nail R Kelly the pervert.

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MJ gets way more praise of being great wonderful human than he gets flogged for his inappropriate behavior towards children. People who are his musical fans will go to bat over this personal life/choices because they see the guy on stage, not the man off-stage.

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People who are his musical fans will go to bat over this personal life/choices because they see the guy on stage, not the man off-stage.

That is part of the problem. Nothing was ever really proven about the molestation charges - BUT he did pay the family to shut up, AND he dangled that baby from a hotel balcony which is child endangerment. He should've been arrested for that! Other than that we may never know.

OTOH R Kelly has a track record. Sex with a 15-yr.-old and marrying her, the peeing video, his actions during his shows and now this 'sex cult' farm. Real solid evidence here - the first factor (marriage and nullification) was explicitly clear and it only snowballed. I saw the peeing video and his show antics and it only gets worse. It's been adding up over 20 years. It all points out to R Kelly being a sick pervert like Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter and he needs to be put away.

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Hi starpunk. I love MJs early LPs and his stuff with The Jacksons. That said, I find it hard to dismiss all those allegations. (100% on topic.)

If MJ is guilty he will pay in the next life. Why flog a dead horse now since MJ himself is dead?

Because his alleged victims need closure.

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Because his alleged victims need closure.

I didn't say he is innocent of all allegations. Maybe he did and maybe not. His surviving wife and 'children' (Paris and the others look too white to be his biological kids) might have the answers. There certainly are some aspects of his life that never truly surfaced and we may never know the whole truth.

At the same time, when you are famous + notorious (esp. dead too) people will say anything to make a buck and get their Famous 15 minutes. Here in America the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is coming up and 50 years after he was murdered there still are stupid unfounded rumors of him being a Communist -NO! a womanizer -NO! a plagiarist on his college PhD thesis, oh WTH.

Maybe MJ did and maybe MJ did not. If he did then sue the Estate for damages then go on.

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