Jackson's moonwalk glove sells for $350,000


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Will this media circus ever end?

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I bought better one just for Y350.- hope this will end media circus.

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A friend of mine met MJ many years ago, and was offered his glove as a gift. MJ told him "this will be worth something one day." My friend wasn't a big fan, and declined. He's kicking himself repeatedly now...

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“It was a fairly good discount,” said Ma,

It sure was!

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Wonder how much the other glove went for?

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what a bargain!!!

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"Winning bidder Hoffman Ma, of Hong Kong, will pay $420,000 including taxes and fees"

Something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

I'll bet... never mind.

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he could have just crossed the border into china and gotten a copy made for 5 bucks...more money than brains, this dude

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shimmering, white glove ... well, yellow now. Maybe he will sell off the fingers at 100,000 bucks a pop.

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who knows where else that glove has been...hope its been disinfected

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I went to see "This Is It". And it was really good...until the おばさん sitting next to me started snoring! Really, when the music wasn't playing, all I could hear was her snore! Why go to see it if you're that tired? She really ruined my fun.

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