Jagger-Richards spat: It's all over now


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The stones are awesome. Saw them back in the 80's in LA.

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The pair co-founded the Stones in 1962.

If he were still alive, Brian Jones might well disagree with this statement.

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If he were still alive, Brian Jones might well disagree with this statement.

Mmm hmm. I caught that too...

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Oh, good. That was really keeping me up nights.

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Charlie Watts hasn't changed a bit.

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Charlie Watts - Now there's a man; effortlessly cool & graceful.

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These guys are Gods.

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The book was amazing. Highly recommend it for non-fans as well. Just hearing these guys are mending their ways gives me hope and puts a lift in my day.

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The stones as we all know R O C K ! They're what is written in the dictionary next to the word Legends, but expecting guys of this age to keep pumping out No:1 albums and touring like they used to is asking abit much, if they tour next year I'll go see them again, this'll be the thrid time to see them in Tokyo and wouldn't miss it as it maybe the last chance any of us get to see them live again.

There older stuff is probably the best and often still listen to sympathy for the devil, gimme shelter etc along with some stuff from more recent albums.

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A rolling stone gathers no natto

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Gathers no natto?? HAhaha!! Get off of my cloud!! These Stones gave my dad great memories in San Francisco right in their hay days of the 1960s!!

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If he were still alive, Brian Jones might well disagree with this statement.

Ian Stewart also.

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To be fair, the article was about these two members. They both ARE co-founders of the Rolling Stones - along with Brian Jones and Ian Stewart. Just because the article didn't talk about Ian and Brian doesn't mean Mick and Keith are not co-founders of the Rolling Stones.

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the founding duo of the Rolling Stones

The article calls Jagger and Richards the two people who founded the Rolling Stones, and that's inaccurate.

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