James Bond to drive electric Aston Martin in new film

By Emma Batha

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The way Bond drives will mean a recharge after 20 miles!

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I wonder how it will sound. Like a grass clipper?

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"The time is right to put Bond in a zero emission vehicle."

I wonder what other pc delights await.

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I got no problem and I can't imagine anyone who really cares about it, Bond had always driven cars with futuristic features and the quiet engine would be useful for stealth operations. They could probably do some interesting scenes if they added self-driving too.

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Whilst he's driving the electric Aston Martin he's gonna munch on a tofu burger and sip vegetable juice.

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I wonder what other pc delights await.

Idris Elba's Bond takes on the far right, I hopes.

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Not interested in seeing a film in which the "hero" is a functional sociopath working for a corrupt government.

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Bond transitions in his next film to Jenae - seems he (sorry, she) always wanted to be a woman and compete in the olympics.

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But there is one snag - Bond may have to find somewhere to plug in after 200 miles.


When was the last time Bond drove ANY car this far???

Seriously, when???

Probably perfect for a Bond car!! An electric car = a car with a silencer!!!

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Who's gonna be the Bond girl?

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With all the futuristic gadgets that 007 has had over the years, I would think he'd already be driving a car that doesn't need gasoline.

As long as they don't ever make him gay, that's fine with me.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

As long as they don't ever make him gay, that's fine with me.

As long as they don't make him religious, that's fine with me.

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Lol, that car is gonna get destroyed

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Meh..I’m waiting for the next generation of Bond films where his legions of woke illegitimate children refuse to drive, ride bikes, and save the world.

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I wonder how much CO2 will be expelled making this movie.

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