James Horner, composer for 'Titanic,' 'Avatar,' killed in plane crash


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Bravehearts soundtrack was one of my all time favorite music compositions.

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Oh, man, this guy will be missed. The one track I'll remember him by would be the final scene in Aliens with the Queen.

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Wow! one of the most prolific composers dead! Out of all the great movie composers, Horner had to die, I am really deeply shocked by this story! And yes, Braveheart was definitely a true masterpiece of a soulful composition. That speech Wallace gave just before the first battle scene with the English just is so spiritually moving. The man knew how to pull on your heart strings. I really don't know who can fill his shoes. For the soundtracks he did in his field, he was up there with Morricone. Yes, he was more of an action composer, but he created a lot of memorable classics. My heart goes out to his family.

RIP a true class act!

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I am amazed by those that can write sound tracks with music and lyrics for full length plays and movies.

Brilliant man.

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It's a tragedy. I really enjoyed his music, especially "The Land Before Time" soundtrack. It's a heavy loss, but James Horner left such an inspiring legacy. I aspire to leave a good memory like he did on people after I die.

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Fortunately, no one on the ground died. Harrison Ford also narrowly escaped death when he crashed his own plane recently.

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I remember my music teach telling us to bring in some music any music and he would tell us who it was by i took in a piece from Aliens and caught him out. RIP Mr Horner!

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