Jane Birkin performs at free charity concert in Shibuya


Actress and singer Jane Birkin took part in a free live concert at Club Quattro in Shibuya on Wednesday night to raise money for Japan's earthquake and tsunami relief fund. Prior to the event, at which she performed seven songs, Birkin, 64, also collected donations outside Shibuya Parco shopping center, where she shook hands with passersby.

Although English-born, Birkin has long lived in France and is known in Japan for her songs such as "L'Aquoiboniste" and the steamy "Je t'aime... moi non plus."

Birkin also held a question and answer session and said, "I pray that people across Japan are able to enjoy the tranquility that we are blessed with here," in reference to cherry blossoms.

She also announced that she had auctioned off a favorite bag made specifically for her by luxury brand Hermès to raise money for Japan's recovery.

On Thursday, Birkin visited an evacuee shelter to lend support and encouragement to survivors of the disaster.

Birkin, who has long been engaged in humanitarian projects, worked with Amnesty International on immigrant welfare and AIDS issues and has been an outspoken proponent of democracy in Myanmar. She has been awarded the British OBE and the French Ordre National du Mérite.

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Her concert and personal visit mean priceless to Japan now ... spiritual supports and tourism campaigns.

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is she famous?

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She is, or perhaps was, very famous in her day. I guess that you are too young to remember the fuss over her very sexy song, Je t'aime......... I remember it very well and it is now firmly stuck in my head and won't go away!

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I guess that you are too young to remember the fuss over her very sexy song, Je t'aime......... I remember it very well and it is now firmly stuck in my head and won't go away!

"Je t'aime" is probably the WORST song of all time in the history of music and mankind itself. It's the most pretentious and annoying thing ever recorded.

She's only famous here for the Birkin bag anyway.

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Each to his own opinion eh.

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She's still quite popular in French speaking countries. She was for a long time the wife of Serge Gainsbourg and it really influenced her artistic life very much.

It's the most pretentious and annoying thing ever recorded.

This could apply to a big share of the French music nowadays (although I really like Gainsbourg).

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I guess that you are too young to remember the fuss over her very sexy song, Je t'aime

or maybe just not from a country that knows who she is

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she is also a style symbol for modern gal,,,if you look in the blenda magazines you can see early photos of birkin, bardot etc and makeup tips etc how to look like these trendy ladies she looks better than most of our mums who are this age

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I just saw her in two old Agatha Christie movies last weekend - "Death on the Nile" and "Evil Under the Sun." Didn't realize she was now 64.

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Nationalities come with different attitudes and this kind British women is wonderful for raising much needed cash.

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all the posters on this board so far (except one) have failed to recognize the real reason why this story is on here: money was raised to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. focus people! be positive and direct your energy to encouragement for good deeds done in a time of need rather than voicing your personal opinions

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Nobody failed to recognise the reason for the story; it goes without saying. Don't tell me that I can't voice my opinions here, this is a forum, that is what it is for. :-)

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you go girl

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Merci Jane !

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Well put Harry

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This is inspirational. Acts of unselfishness, people doing what they can.

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On NHK this morning they had an interview with her and she said her main reason for coming was to show to the people in France that Japan is not some nuclear wasteland they need to fear.

V. cool of her to visit. And Placido as well!

Beentheredonethat and shogun36, Jane's daughter Charlotte is also famous.

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wow, living legend. ive actually become a fan of hers because she is mentioned a lot in young womens' fashion magazines for her style back in the 70s, very casual but feminine and of course for the birkin bag.

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Japan, you're a lucky country to have Jane Birkin. She's never ever going to give you up. I also feel she'll never let us down. Other celebrities may run around to other countries in need and offer superficial help but I think that does nothing and it might even hurt you in the end. She's done this kind of work lots before for Japan, she's no stranger to showing her love for the country. She knows the rules of the country and people love her for it. And so do I.

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...this kind British women...

Since she was 17 years old, she was with Serge Gainsbourg so not really a typical British woman !

not british neither french but a very kind stylish woman.

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