Japan's comic market expands to record high on 'Demon Slayer' love


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I'm no fan, and I just black out whenever people talk about it.

But I'm glad to see something positive, thriving during Covid-Era. We need more things such as this to keep people happy.

We all definitely need positivity in our lives.

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‘Comics’ inspiring ‘values’ have diminished greatly in recent years due to the influence of intersectional politics and other, uninteresting topics. So, it’s important to keep the term ‘Manga” separated from ‘Comics’. Manga is recognized worldwide as ‘unique to Japan’. 

Its had a growing interest abroad. Mainstream ‘comic readers’ have migrated to Manga because there are more interesting stories of ‘conflict and resolution’. Many of the major brand ‘comic’ characters today are too OP’d from the start. There’s no ‘character arc’; no ‘hero’s journey’.

A final note to Disney and Hollywood. Stop usurping other ‘real creators’ IP’s. Try to create something of your own; something ‘original’. Most ‘Heroes/Heroines’ have to rise, fall, and rise again. That’s what makes them heroes!

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