Takeshi gets lifetime achievement award at Italy film festival


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Whenever I see him on TV I switch the channel.

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I've worked with this guy

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I recently saw the movie Gohatto, in which Takeshi appears as a samurai, and the movie shows the love relations between samurai, in particular, in the Shinsengumi. Although the movie is a little difficult to follow in some places, it was interesting.

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As an actor (Merry christmas Mr Lawrence) and a director he excels, as a comedian, too much slapping and pouring water and gunge on others. And there's the sadism, which is not funny

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Forgot to mention, congratulations, well done Kitano

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I remember a program about Kitano which aired back in the 90s on French TV.

It was very interesting and I doubt it would be aired in Japan (actually, I even wondered whether he didn't had a legal clause to prevent exactly that), as Kitano was being very blunt about things. He literally said that he was "prostituting himself on Japanese TV in order to obtain enough funds to do what he really wanted to do: direct the movies he was really interested in". Ouch, that was brutal.

I can not say that I like all his movies, but quite a lot of them. Definitely a far cry from most of his TV stuff (except maybe the art-related programs).

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I know he is a good entertainer and can make good movies, but I have never understood the amount of popularity he gets in Italy, inside of Japan is understandable because he is seen as a representative of Japan in the world, but can't actually understand what makes him be so recognized in other countries.

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I didn't know he was so popular in Italy, though I know they love him in France. Anyway, good on him. I love the man's movies, but his art (painting/sculpture) is atrocious. Love how he is not afraid to talk smack about the government and its decisions, but hate how at the same time he'll make horrible anti-gay and/or sexist remarks, not to mention racist remarks from time to time.

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I've always liked his work, both as an actor and a director.

That smile of his in "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" is unforgettable.

So glad to see that he is receiving the recognition he deserves.

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Kitano san's movie "Dolls" is an incredibly beautiful work of art.

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