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Japan's versatile veteran Koji Yakusho wins best actor at Cannes


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All I can say is, a movie about a man who cleans toilets -- with no explosions, car chase scenes or shootouts -- doesn't stand a chance at the US box office.

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So why is there so much ham acting on TV in Japan? Is it demanded of them? 

As I understand it, yes it is demanded. TV in Japan hasn't evolved in decades. You have to see independent films to see what Japanese can do on screen. A shame really.

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So cool! I will definitely go to see this movie!

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Congratulations for him..

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Congratulations to Koji Yakusho.

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Good for him.

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With a smile on my face, and a spring in my step, i Cheer at this news! We can see clearly Japan is successful at making movies.

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The film looks like a cinematic depiction of Japan's lost generation's lives. Might be worthwhile to see...

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Awarded a bottle of cologne for his role in a movie about a toilet cleaner.

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Yakusho's versatility is on full display in "Cure" and "University of Laughs", my particular favorite two.

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So why is there so much ham acting on TV in Japan? Is it demanded of them? Even that American actor (Charlotte Kate Fox) on NHK's Asadora, Massan, a few years ago seemed like she was told to overact.

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a touching tale about a Tokyo toilet cleaner.

Koji Yakusho really is versatile (Tanpopo, Shall We Dance).

Something to celebrate

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