Koreeda gets lifetime achievement award at Spain film festival


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 "I am just halfway through my career, so I felt that a lifetime achievement award was a bit early for me."

Oh! but so well-deserved already - he has made so many wonderful and important works of art and social commentary. It is great to think that there is so much more to come. Congratulations! to him.

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A richly deserved award, if a tad premature. I watched After The Storm last night - a wonderful film with a great cast. Kiki Kirin was superb as the mother and I found the whole thing very moving; Koreeda's characters are flawed and often failures but the humanism and sympathy he has for them shines through. No happy ending either. Just like real life, I suppose.

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You can't make this up, the aptly named Koreeda winning in the land of... corrida.

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