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Japan auteur Kitano's latest samurai film headed to Cannes


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It sounds interesting. I hope it's not too bloody or depicts too much graphic cruelty. Beat Takeshi has directed and acted in some good cop/criminal films.

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I hope it's not one of those never ending conversation Japanese movies that are happening in one room with no action whatsoever.

“The spectacular battle scenes evoke Akira Kurosawa classics like “Seven Samurai” and “Kagemusha,” according to Takeshi Natsuno, president of Kadokawa, the production company behind “Kubi.”

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This is welcome. Looking forward to it.

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Having been awarded the Golden Lion at Venice, Kitano must be a talented film director. I’ve seen his movies but none of them impressed me. I hope his latest film is a good one.

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His usual: expect a lot of gratuitous violence.

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Will everyone die at the end?

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Excellent, I will see it..

I hope it's not one of those never ending conversation Japanese movies that are happening in one room with no action whatsoever.

Eyeroll, facepalm, lol...

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It is just that growing up in the 80s and 90s, I saw Beat Takeshi on TV programs as a comedian. He was always good for a laugh. I can't imagine that he is now directing samurai movies. I guess I'll have to go see the movie. That is a big change in image.

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Comparing Kitano's film to Kurosawa's?? I'll believe it when I see it. Kurosawa's Ran is an absolute classic for a reason. The last film I saw Kitano acting was in the really bad Ghost in the Shell and his acting was.....really bad.

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The Japanese image of the Samurai is mainly romanticized.

What is not shown are the countless abuses of power and abuse, to this day Japanese still show vestiges of that subservient culture by lowering their heads

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Looking forward to this, I love his movies

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If you watch the two zatoichi movies released in 2004 and 2010 the difference is like night and day, takeshi’s movie is a masterpiece-dark v light, the other movie staring the guy from smap is a complete snooze fest. Really looking forward to seeing this one, his samurai films always hit the spot, shame he doesn’t make so many movies these days..

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A story of Akechi Mitushide, a samurai attacking against his own lord, is such a good theme for a film maker like Kitano.

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Recycling and recycling. I guess Kadokawa did the best bid to get yet again the same director chosen. Oh wait I forgot the other one, Koreeda. But I’m can’t be him this year, like every year…

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As long as they have some sakaba epidodes, it might be good.

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Oda Nobunaga has been done to death (pardon the pun) but I can understand wanting to make him more known to the world (that hasn't played video games in the last decade or so) and he certainly was cruel in a cruel world. If the film touches on Oda's cruel deeds leading up to Honno-ji then it will be bloody indeed.

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The description makes it seem as though he has taken on some aspects of Tarentino.

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