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Japan auteur Yamada sticks to exploring the human condition after 90 films


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Yamada's films flow to the heartbeat rhythm of Japanese folk. For sentiment and compassion he's the master of middle-brow entertainment. I once sat in an almost empty theater as the only man among a dozen women and all through the show I could hear their nose-blowing and saw the ladies wiping their eyes with tissues while watching "Kabei: Our Mother", my favorite Yamada film. I hope he catches up to the now deceased director, Shindo Kaneto, who worked to 100. Kudos to Yamada-sensei, a Japanese mensch!

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I have always liked his movies. They have a certain atmosphere and warmth that makes me feel that the world isn't all that bad after all.

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Spectacular !

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Chobe sound like character out of a Zatoinchi series

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Good director for feel good family films

His My Sons 1991 and A Distant Cry From Spring are one of his best.

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I loved his films.

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Great plots, but life is not like that as we live it today!! Oh how we yearn to get back to those times

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Great article. Thank you. Love his movies. Watch them all the time. My hubby thinks I'm crazy.

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