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Japan-China friendship film postponed


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Here we go. Its the governments going at it, not the countries. Hate both governments all you like. Ordinary Chinese and Japanese citizens and businessmen should still remain friendly.

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If they delay showing films because of this dispute, then its getting silly. Even if it is a sensitive time. They probably want to show that Japanese and Chinese people are not all full of hatred towards each other (and you cant help who your ancestors are and who you fall in love with). As Tokiyo pointed out above, it is the actions of the respective governments and a few crazy nationalists and not the ordinary Joe. I remember the controversy over the Chinese actresses playing all the lead roles in Memoirs of a Geisha and though I felt they could have tried harder to find someone Japanese, they obviously wanted a famous actress to carry off the role and at the time Zhang Yiji (dont know if Im spelling her name right) was famous enough to do so (not to mention Michelle Yeoh of course). Though Ken Watanabe had been in a few things by then, he probably wasnt famous enough to carry the film on his name alone. The Chinese actresses were made aware of the controversy and apparently were threatened and called traitors and so on. I mean that is ridiculous isnt it? Its just a film. Add in the fact that its a Hollywood film and then of course it`s not going to be completely authentic haha.

By the way the person who pointed out that chinese currency has a portrait of a mass murderer is absolutely right. Worse, Mao Zhedong murdered his fellow Chinese, his own countrymen and women and deprived so many children of their parents. He was a big influence on Pol Pot in Cambodia too by the way who went on to murder his own people. And yes it is mass murder. What else can you call it? So you can add Cambodia in southeast Asia as another country China has messed up.

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Now THIS is the ultimate shame with what's going on -- it's always grass-roots movements, usually involving youth, to better relations between the countries that suffer due to the old men in charge refusing to budge over a few rocks in the sea. Next it'll be some badminton exchange between Japan and Taiwan and/or China that gets cancelled or something like that.

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yep, great logic isn't it? We've got this great new film to help our countries understand each other and become better friends. Now we've got problems, so we can't show the film. Be funny if it wasn't true.

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@latienda as if China needs anymore land...

Too bad they couldn't just show the movie, I doubt the everyday Joe is really embroiled in all this territorial dispute nonsense.

Better idea yet, show the damn film to the squabbling governments.

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Promoting friendship is good, but it is folly for Japan to not assume China is her enemy. China will never be the friend of any of her neighbors, except for the basket case North Korea.

After the Vietnam war ended with the USA, and friendly relations ensued between Vietnam and the US, Thach, the former Foreign Minister of Vietnam told Rober McNamara (former US Secretary of Defense): "You must never have read a history book. If you'd had, you'd know we weren't pawns of the Chinese or the Russians. Don't you understand that we have been fighting the Chinese for 1000 years? We were fighting for our independence."

China's is a mortal enemy to Vietnam to this day, and to most South East Asian countries - ask anyone you know living in Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand, etc. The same can be said of India - China is unambiguously stirring up the animosity between India and Pakistan. Also, despite appearances, Russia is China natural enemy, as was clearly demonstrated during the cold war, a time when they should have been natural allies.

Take a look at Chinese currency - whose portrait do you see? The largest mass murder known to history.

It is folly for Japan to lack nuclear arms - She must be prepared to strike a terminal blow to China if and when the need arises. Japan as an independent country is doomed otherwise.

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Well said AlternateUniverse.

Maybe now would be the perfect time for such a film to come out.

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CORRECTION / I couldn't have said it better myself...

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"The Love Leading to Tomorrow"

Haha, who comes up with these titles?!

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banning this movie must all be part of China's "rising peacefully" strategy.

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"Film of friendship", odd it depicts a women who's mom and grandmother both born in China as "Japanese". While it sounds like a nice story it has little to do with friendship between China and Japan. As long as China uses Japan as the subject of "two minute hate". Their will never be a true friendship. There is no friendship now just a trading relationship. There are no close relations, at the proper signal millions of Chinese can get in the streets yelling "death to Japan".

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Well said smithinjapan, I could have put it better in words.

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The film should be shown as scheduled to show that people are better than their governments.

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An American buddy of mine used to live in Japan and now lives and works in Shanghai said to me, "A newcomer to Japan quickly realizes that he/she is a 'Gaijin', but a newcomer to China quickly realizes that he/she is a 'Walking ATM'..."

Stealing is a fact of life with Chinese - go to Chinese take-out restaurants in many places in the U.S. - note that they NEVER give you receipts (unless you ask) because they actually nickel and dime you with the assumption that you won't bother to check the correct cost. I found this occurring in establishments in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and even in Oregon.

Also, look into the blatant theft that the Chinese have perpetrated in Myanmar the last 20 years.

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Postponed indefinitely is more like it.

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Better work on that title.

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Hahaha... my iPad has a brain of it own. Shoot I hate this correction thing....

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Back on topic please.

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thywillbedone and annemarie, well said

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I don't think citizens in both countries are friendly. So this kind of movies do not even need to be filmed.

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Yeah, China should stop bullying Japan. They keep trying to steal islands that they agreed to giving to Japan over 50 years ago.

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No. It's Japan that bullying China, Korea and other Asians country. Japan steal Dioayu from China.

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The portrait on Chinese currency is the largest mass murder known to history???? Which history book did you get it from? Mao Zedong is the greatest politician in China, he's so famous all over the world. I suggest you read some foreign history books which are more objective.

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