Japan Flix to distribute never-before-released Japanese films in U.S.


Production company TK Digital on Friday launched Japan Flix, a new digital distribution venture that makes never-before-released Japanese films available for the first time in the United States.

“There are so many great films made each year in Japan, that never get a chance to find an audience abroad. Our goal is to provide a new platform to introduce these films to an audience who otherwise would not have access to them,” says Teru Takayama, founder and president of TK Digital/Japan Flix.

Partnering with various Japanese distribution companies, Japan Flix offers a highly convenient distribution method for these otherwise hidden gems, as each of their releases will be available to download through the iTunes Store (in HD when available.) At www.japanflix.com, viewers can browse an easy-to-navigate online catalog that includes information and trailers for each film, and from there select a film to view. From there, simply clicking the link to BUY takes you to the iTunes store, where you can choose to either purchase or rent the film.

Japan Flix will launch with an initial wave of titles, which will be followed by subsequent new releases every month. The catalog will feature an ever-expanding roster of films that span a wide range of genres – drama, horror, action, romance comedy, cult, yakuza, and more.

Among the first films to be released will be the hit horror film "Teke Teke," which stars Yuko Oshima, a member of the popular idol group AKB48, as well as the latest installment of the horrific and popular Tomie franchise, "Tomie vs. Tomie."

Fans can preview films at www.japanflix.com, and stay up-to-date on Japan Flix through Facebook (www.facebook.com/japanflix) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/japanflix).

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so is this like the american's netflix?

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Now, if the headline read, Japan Flix to distribute AMERICAN films in Japan, that would make my day, some loser Japanese movie being released for nerds in the USA?? Wow! Their is a market for everything! If they started to release Japanese porn with English subtitles, boy oh boy!!!

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I take it these movies do have english subtitles ?

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I just went to their website and the previews have English subtitles.

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I thought all good Japanese films were either samuri or porno. Guess I was wrong.

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Yuko looks better in the bridal dress

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'Hidden gems' which were never released. Uh huh. I bet they'll sell like hot cakes.

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"Yuko looks better in the bridal dress"


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It looks like they've decided to corner the market on very crappy non-mainstream Japanese movies. I don't see anything even remotely approacjing a Cannes Film Festival winner in their inventory. Good luck to them.

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