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Japanese heavy metal band denied U.S. entry; club cites Trump policy


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Did they do ESTA?

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So would Adele, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Tom Jones... would they also need visas to perform in America?

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Thunderbird2 yes, most definitely ,but they have the visas sorted so no issues.

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rock n roll crazy nights. these guys are awesome i saw them open for motley crue in 87

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From what I understand you can use an ESTA visa if you are playing unpaid gigs. If you are getting paid you need a working visa. Other bands have also been denied entry. https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/amp.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/03/multiple-sxsw-bands-denied-entry-into-the-us.html

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Its same fake furor some bands were trying to pull with SXSW denied entries. As per US immigration rules, if you going to perform in a commercial venue in US, regardless if you are playing a free concert - you need a visa - Trump has nothing to do with it at all, this has been the case all the time.

The only exception are specific trade shows and that goes only for main showcase only with exception grants.

As long as you are a typically paid musician, going to perform in US ,and actually in Japan as well ,without a performer visa has always been a gamble, I wish at least this magazine would`nt give em a stage for fake blaming . The blame lies with the club that was too cheap to do due diligence and sort the correct visas for them.

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The UK indie band Lush were turned away from their own reunion tour in the US in 2015 because they showed up with the wrong visa, so this does happen.

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Silly guys, they didnt have a visa, so they are jumping on the Blame Trump Bandwagon. Blame Trump for the right things. Its easy to do since hes easy to dislike. But those who blame him for everything water down the effect.

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They didn't have a performance / artist visa, it is there own fault. An invite letter does not cut it and never has.

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There are many downsides to having a racist, psychopathic con-man in the White House.

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they are in America and making money for America. everybody has to pay tax, tips, job creation etc. in America so they are good for America's economy. they are good for America's economy.

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The law is the law. They didn't have the right visa documents.

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Trust me, it's better for you to be not in the US now. Too many screeching libtards there!

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I love the USA, have been there several times. An inspiring country, very good people. Amazing places, landscapes. But, the welcoming country for all nations has a new head of government that wants to build walls, fences, has a clear prejudice against aliens, foreigners, so, while there is incentive for intolerance is better to look for other destinations in the world, until more reasonable people take over the power again.

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did kyodo make this misleading headline? Yeesh.

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America is a joke.

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As the manager of an arts and cultural organization in NYC who has procured numerous artist visas for foreign artists over the years, I can say that yes, U.S. law states that a visa is required for any kind of visit that will include a performance regardless of whether there is financial compensation. The authoritative artists from abroad web site states:

"Do not circumvent the visa process! Must an alien go through such a complicated process just to work for a short time in the U.S.? Yes. Even if no compensation is involved? Yes. In other words, just because a beneficiary will be performing in the U.S. for no compensation (or just for expenses) does NOT mean that an O or P visa is not required. O and P beneficiaries are not required to be paid at all, but, to undertake the activities described in their petitions, they must in fact have the appropriate work-related visa classification. O and P petitioners and beneficiaries who fail to comply with the rules take risks that can limit short-term options and impose long-term consequences on all parties involved."

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You don't want to come, anyway -- you would very likely be caught up in another mass shooting.

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They didn't have visas then. If you want to work you need the right visa, it's the same in most countries.

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Definitely improper visa issue. Pretty ridiculous headline. I first thought they had been playing in Syria or Sudan before coming to the US.

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maybe its for the best :(

here how about I listen to your music right now and broadcast it to the country??? ^^

how bow dah?

also, Japan did you invent the internet??? :3

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Thunderbird2 Apr. 20 04:28 pm JST So would Adele, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Tom Jones... would they also need visas to perform in America?

Of course. Musicians on tour are, presumably, being paid. There is an "entertainment" visa that you must have. This is nothing new. In fact, this came up at SXSW as acts were warned that the visas sponsored by the festival were for performance at the festival only. Paid gigs outside the festival were not allowed.

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Well definitely some kind of fake news. Trumps polices have not been enacted and none of them affected Japan. Plus, Japanese citizens do not need to apply for a visa, Japan is one of the Visa Waiver Program countries. So sorry this is fake news for the entry. These guys could come to the US anytime, As to working on an entertainment visa, same thing. There is simply no policy by Trump which has an effect on Visas from Japan. Someone is reading to many left wing fake news media. What probably has happened is the club involved wants to bail, has a contract they dont want to pay up on and is trying to use trump as an excuse to get out of paying for the contract.

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They were not just going there to play, but also to work and make money. They would need a working visa and also a TIN number. The IRS would want its cut.

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LOUDNESS last played the United States in 2015. http://www.sanjose.org/events/loudness/

they had acceptable papers to tour that year and obviously posed no threat (well, maybe to your hearing.) all of a sudden they can't get access and this is the first time?

sorry, I do fault Captain Cheeto head

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Japanese citizens do not need to apply for a visa, Japan is one of the Visa Waiver Program countries. So sorry this is fake news for the entry. These guys could come to the US anytime, As to working on an entertainment visa, same thing.

Neither do Canadians, yet this Canadian woman was told she needed an immigrant visa to enter the US:


These are the things happening under Trump's America.

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if America starts to actually ENFORCE the laws I see nothing wrong, maybe a few small bands who don't follow the rules have to cancel a concert, so be it

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Honestly people, I'm not trying to be a jerk but a lot of the comments in this thread are so stupid. Americans don't really understand their own immigration system at all. Anyway we are talking about Loudness here, a band that is been around for 35+ years, and believe me they know the protocol for touring/visas etc. Akira was just in Los Angeles and in fact visited with me in my studio about six months ago. These are people that are accustomed to traveling to the United States and they understand the visa process. Better than probably 99% of Americans, who don't really understand their own immigration system, like I stated before. To be fair, why would they, they are American. But Americans don't really understand that much about international travel and work visas as a whole-Americans don't travel that much internationally. Statistically thats just a fact. Anyway my point is – something is amiss. Because as I just stated, the guitarist was just in my studio six months ago, this is a band with 35 years of experience, proper management, booking agencies, etc. that know what they're doing. They're not going to show up in America willy-nilly with the "wrong visas".   now I'm speculating –One or more of the band members was probably asked a question, and a border agent probably didn't like the answer.

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Also, more blatant wrong information being posted here – whether or not your Country is part of the visa waiver program, if you're coming here to work and earn money you need the appropriate working visa. There's no way loudness of the board in an airplane for the United States had that night already gone through all the proper procedures to secure working visas (either P or O class visas for performers/entertainers/sports figures etc).

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My Japanese wife has a proper visa for the U.S. It's pasted in her passport and available to see on the Immigration and Naturalization on-line database.

That doesn't stop the bullies from pulling here into a room every single time she goes to the US. She's yelled at, called names, told she can't come into the US for just long enough to miss her connecting flight.

Then a supervisor comes in and says she can go. It's sickening.

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If they didn't have the proper visas, then that's their own fault. Entering a country other than one's own is a privilege, not a right.

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