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Japanese actor Kenichi Hagiwara dies at 68


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Oh man!!!

Loved this guy as a kid!! He was awesome!! The personification of the "rebel" in the '60s / '70s!!

He obviously made some mistakes in life that impacted his career, but I have always loved him.

Does he deserve to be called a legend??Dunno, but they don't make them like him anymore!!

RIP マカロニ!

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Not overly familiar with this guy but I do know he played in the Don Juan Band with Hideki Ishima who is a fantastic improv jazz / proto heavy metal shred guitarist from the Flower Travellin' Band of the 70s. RIP.

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The article says he was arrested on suspicion of cannabis possession.So did he or didn't he possess cannabis?If he did possess it what punishment did he receive?Also,the article says attempted blackmail over performance fees.I think that the writer probably means extortion.Has anyone got any details about this?

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While I preferred the "good boys" to the "bad boys" of the GS時代, this news really saddens me. Great singer, actor and a true character. Still love the PYG supergroup, about time to listen to the CD again.

Thank you ショーケン. You will be missed.

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Fine actor who looked like the kind of guy you wouldn't mind sitting next to in a bar.

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Posted that one one too soon: he looked like the kind of guy you wouldn't mind sitting next to you in a bar.

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