Actress Kyoko Fukada diagnosed with adjustment disorder


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Very common disorder when confronting major changes in life. Wish her a speedy recovery.

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Read the same report this morning on a different source, and had to google adjustment disorder.

Get well soon.

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I dunno. I've lived in three different countries since graduating from college (which itself was in Maine, as far away from my hometown of LA as you can get - no tacos!), so I'm quite accustomed to culture shock. But to be hospitalized for it? I suppose it speaks more towards the strength of the person than the severity of the condition.

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Is adjustment disorder just another way to say she fell into a funk or depression?

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Had a read of AD and this is what I dug up:

An editorial in the British Journal of Psychiatry described adjustment disorder as being so "vague and all-encompassing… as to be useless,"

Isn't this what used to be known as "ennui" in middle-class circles?

AD sounds like PR speak for an unspecified mental illness, which is fair enough since Fukuda is under no obligation to discuss her woes with the entire world.

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I have an aunt with AD, it is not funny. Hope she does well in her rest and treatment.

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The human brain is very strange and can be very unpredictable.

I've had panic attacks when everything seemed to be going fine, and functioned fine when everything else seems to be falling apart. All I can say is I am always glad to read a story, especially in Japan, where mental health and disorders are taken seriously.

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Hope that she recovers soon, unfortunately the condition is frequently misunderstood or misdiagnosed and not many people actually understand it can be seriously incapacitating. Good that she is receiving attention and will take a break.

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Oh, that is sad!

I really like her.

My first movie I saw with here was probably 10 or 15 years ago.

It was a horror movie, and she was still in her begining of 20 years old.

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In case you are suffering through it, my understanding is that if you visit a psychiatrist and get a diagnosis you will be entitled to take a medical leave from your company for several months or more, and if you are in the social insurance plan you will get 60% of your pay or thereabouts.

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The article should describe the problem, especially for a condition that apparently mostly affects children, not 38 year olds.

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I hope Kyoko recovers from this soon. I had something like it when my dad died - I just shut down for a week or so. Didn't help that I was trying to hold things in while my father was ill and it all just came crashing down like a ton of bricks.

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Poor woman, hope she recovers soon.

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Unfortunately Japan is a country where mental health issues are widely, either not understood or treated with disdain. To be fair, very few if any countries are perfect when it comes to mental health however Japan is probably down there with the worst of them. Having such issues is widely considered selfish and thus many see victims as villains. Outwardly japan is viewed as a caring country but we all know that that is not always the case especially when someone is wide of the 'norm'. I wish more people felt they were able to speak out on mental health issues and wish her well instead of trying to discredit her by trying to suggest she is weak.

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Poor woman...a celebrity with lots of money feeling down....ahhh...there there dear.....whilst the world battles coronavirus

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Why is this disorder and other mental issues in Japan not recognized for "normal" people. She surely has seen a doctor outside of Japan.

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Sad story I suppose but it would be nice to know what she was adjusting to.

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Uh! I would hate to be a Kazillionare and a Princess and struggle. This just proves that money doesn't fix everything. Having alot of money / fame helps, but it comes with a while other set of problems.

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Adjustment Disorder, never heard of that one before, is that a new one?

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I've had panic attacks when everything seemed to be going fine, and functioned fine when everything else seems to be falling apart. 

Thank you for your compassionate comment. I can commiserate; I've also had times when all seems to be disintegrating but must nonetheless get up and perform another day. I hope she gets the help she needs.

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I suppose it speaks more towards the strength of the person than the severity of the condition.


Do you see how callous this comment of yours comes off? Do you not think that perhaps this person has strengths over you, and maybe weaknesses in others?

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We wish Kyoko Fukada a healthy recovery dealing with her adjustment disorder.

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Perhaps this will be an opportunity for her starting a new life, away from the constant demands and stressors of being a Japanese “indentured-servant”, er ... “celebrity”.

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We ALL would think, with the continuous ‘re-education’ we ALL have to read, at least, bi-weekly within the JT texts, on ‘tolerance, diversity and gender’ issues, JT would be a little more in-tune with its community.

For those with questions, ie. TokyoJoe @6:44pm, ...

- “Adjustment Disorder, never heard of that one before, is that a new one?” -

... a simple link, or brief explanation of a disorder is perhaps, ‘good journalistic thoroughness and responsibility?

There’d definitely be less ‘misunderstandings’ like @LAguna 4:24pm and @vreth 4:27pm above.

(Come on JT, we can do better can’t we?) Just include a simple tagline or referral to a “helpline” for those that may chance need it while adjusting to new life circumstances here in Japan.

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Poor dear is stressed by work, how would she cope with a normal underpaid job like the majority of us?

She works in the grubby entertainment industry and probably has to audition on the couch. Most of us don't have to suffer that ignominy. Well, I'm not going to talk about it, anyway.

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She must be extremely tired. The main reason for PTSD

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Her eternally youthful visage is a staple on CMs where you can see her spruiking everything from cosmetics and pep pills, to mobile phone plans, retort meals and soft drinks. Unfortunately, the prognosis for those diagnosed with the disorder does not inspire confidence.

“Within five years of when they are originally diagnosed, approximately 20–50% of the sufferers go on to be diagnosed with psychiatric disorders that are more serious. Among adults with this disorder, up to 60% engage in suicidal behavior. Adjustment disorder is the diagnosis in up to one third of young people who die by suicide”

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What is her "adjustment disorder"? I duckducked it, and it seems a very vaguely defined group of stress related problems. Not clear at all.

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She must be extremely tired. The main reason for PTSD

@Seesaw7 Actually, trauma is the main cause of PTSD.

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People meet challenges at points in their lives, some internal and some from others, that we either can or cannot handle. In some cases mental illness is the root cause. In most cases it is a failure to rise to the challenges put before us. The comforts and safety of modern society make it easy to give in or give up. Fukada’s life and self image are due to her celebrity. When the pressures get too much so doesn’t have to worry about missing work to pay the bills. For that she is lucky. But on the other hand, this comfort provides an easy way out. I hope she is able to find it within herself to get her life heading back in a positive direction. It isn’t easy but for most, it is a choice.

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It's not a fake illness, a fake term or a woke construct.

It's a useful default, catch-all term for anyone who has had a rough time and isn't coping too well, exhibiting a range of nervous behaviours - anxiety, mild depression, panic attacks.

By giving it a clinical name, anyone who doesn't have severe mental health problems or a clearly defined set of symptoms can be given a break from work and a chance to recover.

Most do, but in some cases things can worsen. An AD diagnosis offers an early clinical intervention that may prevent things from getting worse. It is especially useful in countries that don't have the best of records for supporting mental health issues.

Celebrity/entertainment occupations are high stress environments. You can sometimes feel like you are losing who you really are to the celeb persona you present to the world.

I hope she recovers soon.

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Japan being a Conforming Society is the reason behind highest Suicides and Adjustment Disorder.

My parents passed away when I was in High School and left with nothing, including money. I had to make massive changes in my life from a very young age. Not only that, Being born in Africa, left penniless in Europe and then continued life in USA after working and working and studying in Europe to graduate.

I fell down so many times and got up, that it would take 3 thick books to write the story of my life.

Many different cultures I came across and huge learning curves.

I am thankful for what I have as life could be worse.

Be humble as I know the value of money as I had none.

One of the billionaire of Berkshire Hathaway investment group said to enjoy life and longevity, Keep expectations low because you will not feel too bad if things did not work out as expected. If you want more and more, possessions will posses you.

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Seesaw7May 27  10:18 pm JST

She must be extremely tired. The main reason for PTSD

The T stands for traumatic, not tired. Stop belittling her illness.

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You are correct about PTSD @Local Gaijin 11:50pm. However, there is a BIG difference between her AD and PTSD. The onus is on the poor reporting for not clarifying “What is AD”. (Get it together, Kyodo. You can do better.)

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When there is the entertainment news about Western, there will be picture but with Japanese related, there won't be a picture. Do JT want us to google Japanese people?

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