Japanese actress Sei Ashina found dead in suspected suicide


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Another, again, being in the entertainment industry in Japan has a very short shelf life. Might be time for a change, never happen there are plenty of numb skulls willing to destroy their lives for 5mins on Tv.

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Poor lady. I hate to imagine the pain one must be in to decide that it's better to just end it. RIP.

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I'm sad for her.. probably was cyberbullied.. people are cruel, indeed...

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The system is sick.

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Obviously there needs to a system so that people can apply to die if they want. Imagine how many lives it would save when people just show them humanity and support while their decision is being verified. Imagine how much closure it would provide for friends and families when its known why they want to die.

Such as it is, we don't even have enough here to speculate why she did this.

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Poor woman. I am so sorry, for her, and for those who loved her.

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Very sad.

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Entertainment industries are tough around the worlds.

Too much criticism, bullies, judgments...

Too much pressure.

Most of them don’t even make enough money.

I know I can’t do it even if i had an amazing talent.

Very sad.

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None of us know why she did it, so please hold off with the tasteless speculation.

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Not to appear heartless, the list of entertainment people who promote happy, happy killing themselves is extensive. She, (they) had problems but did anyone step in, help? Family, friends, management? It's repulsive that nobody actually said or did anything, hell she was on her own, that's not cool at all. We all need help at times.

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We, the ‘normal’ people often cannot understand what the intentions of artists are, what a composer wants to express with his music , a songwriter with the lyrics, a painter with his paintings and so on. Many famous artists die very young, the news are full of it, excessively taking drugs or in this case an actress chose a suicide etc. We don’t know it and they intentionally don’t communicate it with us in understandable language. It makes absolutely no sense to us , but maybe to them, maybe sometimes it’s even part of their art.

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It is tragic. All that is known: she hung herself. She had no apparent personal problems. The peculiarity of ascribing raison d 'etre without any awareness or knowledge of the individual is very queer and baffles.

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It's just sad.

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Another tragic case of a life cut short... way too many suicides still :(

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Hanging for a woman ? Overdose, painkillers.... but no hanging.



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She's so privileged, yet she can't bare to live. It's not enough to be so pretty.

The world is crazy.

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In the entertainment business there's the glamour, and with that comes money or no money at all, just glamour with someone else making all of your everyday plans and decisions. You are a robot to someone else controlling your life. Who wants to live like that?

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I feel very sadly for her. Perhaps there was no one in her life that made her feel cherished and valued in this vain, unkind world.

Please remember to cherish the people around you, whether family or friends. Everyone needs to be loved.

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Hanging for a woman ? Overdose, painkillers.... but no hanging.


A 2008 review of 56 countries based on World Health Organization mortality data found that hanging was the most common method in most of the countries,[18]accounting for 53 percent of the male suicides and 39 percent of the female suicides.[19]

Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_by_hanging

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Very sad, RIP.

On another note, South Korean actress Oh In-hye, also 36 years of age, was found unconscious at her home and later died of cardiac arrest. Suicide is strongly suspected.

Too many Asian stars are killing themselves.

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Beautiful women, heartfelt sorrow for her family, and wish someone would have been there and had the chance to intervene before this happened.

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