Yoko Ono's ex-husband, avant-garde pioneer composer Ichiyanagi, dies at 89


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She was married????

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She was married????

Twice before she married Lennon.

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Never knew that. I only know she had a daughter from a previous relationship and that she never had much of a relationship with her.

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If she had not bagged a Beatle, there is a great chance that any of us would not have ever heard of her.

If I recall correctly, she already was well known and admired in avant-garde art circles in Greenwich Village, NYC.

I remember my sister having John's last album. His wife absolutely ruined that album with all that wailing.

'Double Fantasy' or 'Milk and Honey'? On the former from 1980, I used to own a copy with her 1981 single 'Skating On Thin Ice' appended on it. That 'song' with her looped yelping and vomiting ruined the whole album alone. The posthumous latter, released in early 1984 was more straightforward rock, a better album.

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LamillyOct. 10  11:14 pm JST

If she had not bagged a Beatle, there is a great chance that any of us would not have ever heard of her.

I understand John met her when he went to one of her exhibitions, so obviously she was a known artist

Look at my previous posting. Yoko already was known in NYC art circles. That's where John met her.

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John Lennon first met Yoko One at her London exhibition, on November 9, 1966, at the  Indica Gallery.

Lennon was won over by a tiny painting on the ceiling — visible only at the top of the ladder with a magnifying glass. It was the word “yes.”


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