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Nikkei erroneously says Fuji Rock Festival canceled


A Japanese business daily apologized Friday after it erroneously reported that this year's Fuji Rock Festival, one of the largest outdoor music events in Japan, has been canceled.

According to The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, it posted a story with the headline "Cancelation of Fuji Rock means summer without a rock festival, reform seen unavoidable to music business" on its website past midnight Thursday.

The daily, commonly known as Nikkei, said in the story that the organizers of the Aug 21 to 23 festival "announced cancelation," but the date of the purported announcement was marked with a black circle, a sign it would be filled in later, as the story had apparently been prepared for a possible cancelation.

The three-day festival at Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture is scheduled to be headlined by Tame Impala of Australia, The Strokes of the United States, Denki Groove of Japan and other musicians.

The Nikkei has already deleted the story and said it is investigating the cause of the error.


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If Denki Groove are on, I hope Pierre Taki goes on stage and starts doing his Olaf voice. His conviction obviously doesn't bother Smash or whoever's promoting Fuji Rock now.

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And why should it bother them?

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oh no I wanted to go

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Getting old - haven’t heard of any of these bands.

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Me getting old too then - I've not heard of these bands.

Last year we went - saw 2 bands I've followed for DECADES! - the Cure and Chemical Brothers.

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Maybe they should cancel.A rock festival in summer is a cluster waiting to happen.And I've never heard of them too.

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Fuji Rock should be renamed Fuji PopRock. It was Great long long time ago when there was 'Rock era' of Number Girl, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant and such.

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Oops! haha. Posted the wrong message by accident, I guess. Amazing how desperate they are to have postponed the announcement they plan to make for this long as it is. We know they're never going to refund the money, and sports and other things here, like the Olympics, refuse until the very last minute to give up what is obviously a lost cause, but still -- it is a disaster waiting to happen and they sooner they announce, the better.

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