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Piko Taro redesigns signature song as hand washing melody


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At last, someone in Japan is supporting hand washing.

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This guy is washed up.

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The legend is back!

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The Billboard Hot 100 doesn't mean doodly-squat and doesn't truly reflect the tastes of America. It certainly doesn't now in this corporate pop radio dystopia. Nonetheless this guy is doing a good PSA and there's nothing wrong with that, even if he is milking his hit.

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Ok, I just Googled this guy up. Now he's more familiar. He did that quirky kooky number 'Everyone Must Die'. Now I get it.

Come to think of it, up close in the video he kind of resembles 'Weird Al' Yankovic in the 80s in some way, doncha think?

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Is this what we can expect all the current YouTubers to become in their golden years?

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Um, that's not PPAP then, its HS...that's it

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I've seen a parody of the Beatles' 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' styled up like this. And no, it isn't authorized by the Fabs.

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...Better than TK's (Tetsuya KOMURO) condescending version.

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This song was so fresh and so clean clean. Let's hope the soapland women can follow this up and make a "we are the world" version to help end this coronavirus madness!!!!

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