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Japanese cinema must change to help young directors, Kore-eda says

By Tomohiro OSAKI

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Great that he's stepping up and trying to effect positive change.

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It would help if the movies used more actors and fewer tarentos. I quite enjoyed movies like Shoplifters but I just don't like most of the 'comedies'.

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I think the Japanese film industry is a microcosm of Japanese society and everything needs to change. The same old,same old isn’t working anymore and Japan is rotting from the top(LDP)down.

I recall about 5 years ago there was a poll that said young Japanese weren’t interested in going overseas because they were satisfied with their lot.

Well there lot has changed since then and not for the better.

What a pity a man with vision like Kore-Eda isn’t the leader of the country.

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Kore-eda knows how to tell a good story with very little. Almost all of his movies have the same cast of actors basically playing the same version of social outcasts just in slightly different situations.

When I first started studying Japanese, before streaming, I used to watch any Japanese film I could find that had English subtitles. Most were terrible. My Japanese got better and I never wanted to watch another Japanese movie again. Then I started renting Korean DVD’s from Tsutaya that were dubbed in Japanese because I discovered that Korean stuff was actually good and didn’t make me want to blow my brains out.

If Japanese film wants more international recognition, it needs more filmmakers like Kore-eda.

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I'm waiting for a good movie to come out of Japan,

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First problem is Japanese actors can’t act. It’s like they have a book on what a facial expression and delivery should be and they all follow it.

Tell me I am wrong.

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Japanese movies ....hard pass.

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You are right.

So right.

In all of the dramas they all make non-stop eye contact which really doesn't happen very much on a day-to-day basis in Japan.

In fact their eyes appear like saucers in the more 'surprising scenes'.

Never ever happens in real life.

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Actually the real reason Japanese cultural products have had less success isn't so much due to Japanese looking only inward, although it is a factor, but the main reason is the Plaza Accord, the Japanese economic bubble and subsequent bursting of that bubble and then decades of economic decline and deflation.

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