Japanese dancer a hit on 'America’s Got Talent'


After Japanese “performer” Miu GaGa’s laughably over-enthusiastic “dance” appearance on "America’s Got Talent," Japan was in desperate need of a representative to show Las Vegas – where the show is based – and America at large that many Japanese, in fact, can dance. And as it happens, a handful of them can even appear to defy the laws of physics when they do it.

Enter Kenichi Ebina, who blows away crowd and judges alike with his robotic and at times seemingly impossible dance routine.

The performance incorporates standard “robot dance” moves, but spices them up with a couple of superhuman techniques, like appearing to move in rewind, "removing" his head, and other tricks that will make you do a Scooby Doo spit-take.

Even Howard Stern, who has literally been talking nonstop for over 30 years, seemed mostly at a loss for words after the performance.

Source: Hamster Sokuho

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OMG. Saw this on YouTube the other day. This guy is absolutely amazing.

9 ( +9 / -0 )

He's really incredible.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

Cannot stop watching

6 ( +6 / -0 )

That head droopy bit! :o

1 ( +1 / -0 )

He's got talent!!! I'll pay to see him perform.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

The guy was amazing! Kudos to him!!!

Howard is great as well!!!!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Great to see a Japanese doing good on the global stage.

The routine seems to include Cyril Takayama's Head Drop illusion www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQKr_tCxww8

With some of David Elsewhere's routine www.youtube.com.sg/watch?v=MiLK7S2fXqQ

Comes together really well and was fun to watch.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Funny the guy was great before he went on the stage. But Japan didnt care. Now that he is starting to get famous, "wow look at him, he is from Japan". sigh

Btw it was a great performance, still want to know HOW the hell they do that head thing.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

If Mr Stern "has been talking nonstop for 30 years", his mouth must be very tired!

But Ebina-kun is amazing, I think.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Wow. I have no idea how he managed to get back up at the end.

I guess that the head thing has a lot to do with the coat and some extendable shoulders supports inside it so he can drop his head and shoulders forward while giving the appearance that his shoulders have not moved.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Great to see a Japanese doing good on the global stage.

Race and nationalality shouldn't matter. We're all people and as a person, he did exceptionally well.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Kenichi Ebina is an outstanding dancer. I and my children couldn't stop watching his performance.

The mention of Miu GaGa in this article piqued my interest. I had never heard of her, maybe because I rarely watch America's Got Talent.

No comment on her performance, other than I think that the judges were much nicer to her because she is from Japan than they otherwise would have been if she were from the U.S.

Anyway, here is the clip to Miu GaGa's performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkJ3hm3zqkg

1 ( +2 / -1 )

I always thought I was good at doing the matrix moves until I saw this. I can go down and stand back up, but not like that. WOW.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Who cares how he did it, the man was absolutely amazing. I used to be a club hopper years ago and I have seen many, good dancers, but this guy, smashed the competition! I will say this, I don't want to envoke race, but I love to see people of all colors and races come together, the world should always be like this, celebrating our cultures and diversity. With all the BS that is affecting this crazy planet, this was such a joy to watch something different and a deep breath of fresh air. I hope this guy wins, he deserves it!

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Yeah that was pretty cool, the lie down and get up was insane.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

That... was pretty awesome! I'm glad I clicked.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I'm gonna check it out when I get home

1 ( +1 / -0 )

OMG I think I just found the next Mr Chiba Chick! Awesome!

1 ( +2 / -1 )

I prefer Miu Gaga... she's more authentic 日本っぽい

1 ( +2 / -1 )

"Japan was in desperate need of a representative to show Las Vegas – where the show is based – and America at large that many Japanese, in fact, can dance."

Once again I find it a shame Japan 'needs' international praise to feel good about their own sites or performances, or feels they need to impress Americans in particular. The guy's a great dancer, regardless of whether he made an impact on the show or not. It's a nice thing to be praised, for sure, but have confidence, people!

Jaymann: "I prefer Miu Gaga... she's more authentic..."

Ummm... 'Gaga'? authentic?

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

Well smithinjapan, you sure made an impact on this comment page. lol

Very cool Kenichi!

7 ( +7 / -0 )

He is good.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

not trying to take anything away from him but it hink its easier to perform those moves because of his height...is he even 5ft? if he was taller, some of those moves would be way harder

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

The head thing - awesome! Glad to see some quality Japanese entertainment especially in the U.S. And they never even showed this on Japanese TV - at least I haven't seen it yet and I watch a lot of Japanese TV. Great job Ebina-san!

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I can only think of one word: WOW!

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Dude has moves. Cool!

1 ( +2 / -1 )

I can do all that stuff, it's easy, ha ha, got dayum, he be good!

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

America's Got Japanese That Got Talent.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )


America's Got Japanese That Got Talent.

I was thinking the same thing... awesome, so nimble I caught how he did the head thing, but it was so credible, how he did the lie down and get up was pretty impressive... way to go!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

They should change the name of the show from America's got talent to Japan's got talent.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

That's all?! PFFT! Easy Peazy! I'll demonstrate all of his dance in just... 20 years or so (just so I can get myself limbered up, of course.)

But seriously, the only time I replay YouTube videos is when they depict a crash (or that meteor over Russia). Now I have to add a dance routine on "America's Got Talent" to the list.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Amazing. The judges and viewers probably didn't know what to expect when he described his routine as 'dance-ish'. For someone who's 38 and be able to pull off those moves shows complete control of his body. I wouldn't be surprised if Kenichi can breakdance as well.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

wow! i couldnt have done that at 18! im also proud of my country for being so inclusive. i was watching sasuke last night and they weren't letting any foreigners compete.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

i was watching sasuke last night and they weren't letting any foreigners compete.

Just watch American Ninja Warrior if you want to see foreigners try it.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I saw this on Youtube as well and I must say it was quite awesome ;D

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Just watch American Ninja Warrior if you want to see foreigners try it.

not quite the point. btw, i remember seeing this head drop thing on tv before if anyone is still interested, pretty funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hncX8sYkts

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I think I saw this guy on youtube a few years ago doing that head trick on a train. Not sure how many people do that head drop trick but thats something you don't forget.

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