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Japanese fans flock to meet S Korean boyband


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It's amazing what kind of idiocy can be produced when you combine people's need to believe in something with slick promotion.

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Boy band? They are in their 20s, they are men.

Yet I bet most of their fans are lustful teenage girls who obviously must have something wrong with them to be looking at men that way, or so an ounce of consistency in some people's sexual politics would have us believe.

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Opinionhated: "Yet I bet most of their fans are lustful teenage girls..."

as probably most of AKB48 fans are lustful middle age men. Sex sells, and that will never change. I personally have no like for most pop music, be it J-pop or K-pop, but I'm glad to see that South Korean musicians (if you can call them that) are still going strong. When is Japan going to get with it?

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Check out the left dude's fingers. Nail polish?

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Recession? What recession?

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They are nice, but I prefer KARA!

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K-pop is overkill! Enough is enough!

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Boy bands? Horomes? Publicity? Girl's gone wild...? Money Making Machine!!!!!!!

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Xiah Jun su is the hotest dancer OMG he is a really good dancer and singer. All three of the JYJ members are talented but Jun su is special.

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They are good, they wrote their own music and they are independant so to me they are not a "boysband" anymore. And if their former japanese company had not turn their back on them to get back the favor of a SoMe Korean company, japanese fan would'nt have to fly abroad to see them. Vive JYJ!

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how many times they copy and paste like this group? and it seems that the band name is as if a product no.

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The Bands name is each members initial Junsu, Yoo-Chun, Jea-Joong. JYJ

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What is the difference between K pop and J pop male singers? What makes one side better than the other?

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