Japanese film director Seijun Suzuki dead at 93


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I really dug Suzuki's movies.

Yeah, the story lines to some of his movies were a bit suspect but the visuals were always interesting to watch.

His movies are a distinct and characteristic part of Japanese cinema.

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Such an interesting director. Nobody in today's Japan has ever seen any of his movies, and it's a shame.

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And so passes another great who contributed to Japan's golden age of cinema. He may not have been the best, but he was fun. Nikutai no Mon has its moments. Will any rise from the detritus that Japanese cinema has become and put the genius, or at least the cool back in Japanese movies? I dont know, but i have my doubts.

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Just recently watched Branded to Kill. Insanely cool flick. And Annu Mari! Wow.

Such an interesting director. Nobody in today's Japan has ever seen any of his movies, and it's a shame

Exactly. I used to bring up Japanese film in conversations. Mizoguchi, Kobayashi, Naruse, even Ozu or Kurosawa. The blank stares I'd be met with in response got depressing.

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I admire your films.

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He somehow manages to look like Billy Connolly in this pic!

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With movie titles like 'Young Breasts', 'Age of Nudity', and 'Naked Woman and the Gun', how can you go wrong? This man was a true visionary.

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Time to watch "Branded to Kill" again. It's a glorious exercise in style over substance. It's part of the reason I named my son Joe.

They may be pushing "Cool Japan" now (ooh! flavoured Kitkats!), but noir lighting and non-linear filmmaking are way cooler in my book.


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I saw a couple of his movies without knowing whom he was or his accomplishments. Total respect. RIP. Sounds like he had a pretty long and decent life, though. Fun movies.

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For all his talents, nicotine killed him.

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@Patricia Yarrow: He was 93 for Christs sake! Old age might've had something to do with it.

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A man of his times & stood by his principles as a artist-Sayonara ,,,,

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Speed san. It is not how old you are when you die. It's how those years before your death were that count. I do not imagine his were very pretty as he wheezed for breath and cancer ravaged his body. Get informed about the effects of smoking, won't you, please?

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