Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto battling stage IV cancer


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Excellent actor and Fantastic musician.

I wish him the very Best of Luck for the struggle ahead.

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A survivor of colorectal cancer, my prayers are for Sakamoto Sensei to feel peace rather than pain, know how much and how long he has been appreciated, and that his loved ones will find ways to spoil him in the months (years?) he is able to stay here, on earth. The beauty and beautiful sadness he created will last, just as his beloved Bach and Debussy. Our own children, in their 30s, discovered his work and love it just as we do. I hope and pray he somehow knows this, knows and gains comfort from it.

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Much respect to him.

My thoughts are with him as well.

He has achieved a lot in his life.

Much respect.

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I wish the best to him and also to all people suffering from cancer.

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Sorry to hear of Sakamoto-sans condition. It's very brave of him to announce it. Wishing him well during his ongoing treatment.

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There is a new experimental immunotherapy drug that can cure rectal cancer 100%, they should try it.

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He will be remembered for sure.

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My wish is that anyone with cancer can beat this ugly disease. It sucks the life out of you. I wish all of those battling this disease can stay strong and continue to fight it and I hope there will be a cure some day.

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All that money given to find a cure, yet little progress. As soon as they're told funding will stop, it's funny how quickly development progresses until another stale position.

What are you trying to imply? It's not clear.

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