'Japanese Satchmo' honored in jazz birthplace of New Orleans


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This is a lovely story of good people for the morning - cheers to him and his wife - long may they live and play.

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I love Louis Armstrong! So glad to know it’s popular in Japan.

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Jazz, like rock'n'roll - started in the U.S.A. and probably could never have emerged anywhere else but is universal and beloved everywhere. And this couple are truly devoted to their art. Yoshio and Keiko Toyama even took some tips from one of the original master super troopers himself. That's a labor of love and it knows no boundaries. And like Maria said, this is a good story to read in the morning. Kudos to the Toyamas! May they keep on playing.

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What an awesome couple who have devoted their lives to some really great music and helping others.

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Joe DuncanAug. 13 08:03 am JSTWhat an awesome couple who have devoted their lives to some really great music and helping others.

they've devoted their lives to making pleasure for other people. Very commendable. They took some advice from a jazz 'Yoda' (Satchmo!) yet they are original in their music.  You can say that Yoshio and Keiko Toyama are full-fledged Jazz Jedis now.

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No need for me to read any other news today.  I'm happy and don't want to ruin it.  Such a lovely story and hats off to the Toyama duo and their awesome journey in life.

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