Jay Leno bets on reboot of Groucho Marx 1950s game show


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You Bet Your Life was hilarious with Groucho. If you ever have a chance, check them out on YouTube. Groucho's innuendos, lack of PCness and his demeanor on that show made it a fun show to watch.

Now this Jay Leno thing.... meh.

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Why remake a classic?

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WRONG, again, @Kentarogaijin 11:13am. “Pathé!”, the French film company doesn’t have the rights to Leno’s reboot. It’s being distributed by FOX and has been sold in 85% of North American markets. - Pretty impressive.

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Leno would probably observe that “*someone’s frequent, irrepressible tic’ may cause them to not complete a full thought, or sentence. A medical evaluation may be a good course of action.*” -

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Not sure though about international markets. Probably wouldn’t do well in China. Perhaps most Chinese people might think “You Bet Your Life” is a reality-show for people speaking out against “the Party”?

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Groucho: "You've been married for 11 years and have 9 children. How do you explain that?"

Contestant: "Well Groucho, I love my wife."

Groucho: "I love my cigar too, but I take it out once in a while."

I'm not sure if the above exchange really happened on You Bet Your Life, but I want to think it happened. One thing for sure, Groucho was one of the funniest men who ever walked the earth.

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Man, I loved Groucho and his brothers! That show was fabulous I am sure I can skip the remake. Forty or fifty years too late. Wrong generation.

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If that is the official Library of Congress logo in the background, I hope they didn't pay much for it.

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