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Jay-Z busts Western cowboy myths in all-Black 'The Harder They Fall'


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Google Buck and the Preacher

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Nice hairdo, weirdo.

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Do Japanese even care?

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But Jay-Z said taking a more strictly factual or documentary approach would have "got people to turn off" and reduced the movie's impact

Then he says

Jay-Z said that many Hollywood Western tropes are not rooted in historical reality -- for example, Eastwood's poncho in the "Dollars" trilogy.

Seems he is more than willing to rewrite history to make it seem like Black cowboys where more prominent than they actually we're.

Yes black cowboys existed and fine showing them in context to correct misconceptions. But to turn around and create another false image is not doing anyone any favours

And seems Jay-Z needs to learn the difference between Hollywood and a European/Italian spaghetti Western filmed mostly in Spain and had little or nothing to do with Hollywood!

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Unforgiven already had a black cowboy and won the Oscar, so what is he unhappy about?

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Blazing Saddles was probably more representative of the reality of the era. #masterpiece

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Very Tarantino-ish with globs of violence and a bit over-the-top chaotic messing about.

But a fun ride to sit back in the sofa, loosen up with snacks and wine, and let it drip.

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Agree with Simona Stanzani. 'Blazing Saddles' is fabulous.

The Eastwood/Leone/Morricone spaghetti Westerns are a fairly small, well-defined genre. Very mannered, operatic and atmospheric. 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' has been one of my favourite movies since I first watched it as a child. A box set of Clint Eastwood Westerns is worth every penny. 'Once Upon a Time in the West' is also very good. I would suggest seeing 'Heaven's Gate' too, even though it is regarded as a flop.

The classic (black and white/'technicolour') Hollywood Western - John Wayne etc - is a different beast.

With an all black ensemble, ahistorical content and the soundtrack mentioned, he may not collar a diverse enough audience to get his point across as widely as he wants. You need to engage an audience before you can offer your message.

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I'm glad to see Jay-Z doing something about Hollywood whitewashing to Old West. 25% of all Cowboys were Black. The real Lone Ranger Bill Bass was Black the Buffalo Soldiers who fought most of the Indian Wars in the Southwest were Black. I know it's just entertainment but it's still good to see people who look like me represented.

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you know the Wild West had its share of black cowboys. Ever hear the story of the 'Buffalo Soldiers' and what they did after serving in the Sioux Wars?

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The steampunk Western TV show 'Brisco County, Jr.' in 1992 - 1994 featured Julius Ervine (?) who portrayed a black American cowboy. Back then that was 'revolutionary' but in reality it was a fact. After all, after the Civil War ended quite a number of Blacks went out West for a new life. And several Buffalo Soldiers settled there too after their Army stints were up.

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Trying to look like jean michel basquiat by any chance???

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