Jay-Z, Foo Fighters and Go-Go's in Rock Hall on first try


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Belinda Carlisle doesn’t seem to age! (The Go-(Ju)-Go’s are now in their 60’s)

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ALL worthy of the title “Rock and Roll” ‘Hall of Famers’ but really,... Jay-Z ? “Rock and Roll” ?

(Oh well, some thought Elon Musk would be funny and was worthy of hosting SNL.)

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Two new inductees — Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's and Pat Smear of Foo Fighters — were once members of the L.A. punk band the Germs

Belinda Carlisle was never in the Germs. What an insult. Pat Smear - yes.

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With Jay-Z, the hall inducts a 23-time Grammy winner and the first rap artist in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

About time, well chosen.

Congrats to all

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Sorry ‘bout that @Speed 10:09am but Belinda Carlisle was Dottie Danger, the original Germs drummer, replaced later by Donna Rhia after contracting mono.

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Kraftwerk had to be nominated six times to get in? One of them, Florian Schneider, died last year.

This is a great live show by Billy Preston from "Ohne Filter", a really cool German studio live TV show from the 1980s. The bands got to do long sets, not just fifteen minutes like The Tube or OGWT.


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Carole King

A great talent. Knows how to knock a tune out with the best of them.

Tina Turner

Excellent. Hell of a vocalist and live performer.

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Never a fan of Foo Fighters, but Tina without a doubt a real talent if there ever was one, unbelievable the alto tone and sustain on that woman’s voice, and the GoGo’s and Belinda just fantastic and I agree, the woman just doesn’t age. Congrats to them as for Jay Z, not a fan at all, but I think he’s definitely more of the business type than a Rap artist, but again, music is subjective.

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Carlisle was a Germs member. She didn’t record or play live. But she was there right at the beginning.

There’ll be some kind of shout-out at the award and thankfully zero chance of a hologram reunion with Darby and Lorna.

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Belinda was with 'Josey and the Pussycats' until Jughead became their producer. There were allegations against him of diverting the bands earnings to feed and pay for his food addiction. In particular, his running tab at Pop Tate's.

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kohakuebisuMay 13  01:08 pm JST

Kraftwerk had to be nominated six times to get in? One of them, Florian Schneider, died last year.

It's about damn time that Kraftwerk got in. They practically invented electronic rock. I remember the classic 'Autobahn' as a little kid and that song alone revolutionized everything. Depeche Mode got in last year and they would be nowhere w/o Kraftwerk's influence. I saw the Belgian band Front 242 a few years ago, sons of Kraftwerk. NIN is grim and nihilistic yet they got in the HOF last year and the cheerful influential Kraftwerk was passed over again. Finally we have some justice!

So how how about getting the New York Dolls, MC5 and Motorhead in? The Dolls influenced punk rock and glam metal, MC5 were punk before there was a name for it and Motorhead invented speed metal/thrash by fusing heavy metal and punk. Metallica is in so what are we waiting for?

The GoGos were a pioneering novelty in 1981 being an all woman band and not just a singing group. I truly wish there were more all woman bands like them, these stupid pop tart acts of today are an utter JOKE. Heart, Joan Jett, Shonen Knife, all you true lady rock'n'roll 'babes', let's see you! Let's see what you can do!

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