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Jean Stapleton, TV's Edith Bunker, dies at 90


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Ya had to love Edith. Putting up with a guy like Archie. May she rest in peace.

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Excellent actress, and an American icon....will be missed.

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Please don't tell me Edith Bunker is dead!

RIP, Ms. Stapleton.

"Archie Bunker's far better half"

Har! But Archie wasn't such a bad guy, I rather liked Archie even with all his many faults!

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How sad. "All in the Family" is a ground breaking show. Edith is one of the great characters of TV to be forever immortalized on reruns. R.I.P, Edith Bunker.

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One of the best moments is when she stood up to Archie. R.I.P. Edith.


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I know of no fictional TV characters who were as loved as Edith Bunker was by so many Americans.

It's almost a cliche for men to refer to their wives as saints. However, whenever I hear that , I think of Mrs. Bunker. If we could take a time machine back to the days when Edith was coming of age, I can think of no better view that of the movie The Best Years of Our Lives. The main women in that film -- played by Myrna Loy, Teresa Wright, and Kathy O'Donnell -- captured American womanhood at its finest.

Jean Stapleton's Edith showed us much of that character.

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