Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck (again)


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Who cares?

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Here’s hoping for Ben & Jennifer. Maybe, this time, they’ve both put aside their past failures and exorcised their personal demons and can finally move on together. Wishing them well.

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This is going to end the same way it ended for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

-1 ( +6 / -7 )

A remake of Cleopatra (1963)? Eleven films together ? - Yes. Could have seen any of those “Ben & Jennifer” scenarios if Gigli (2002) had been a success. Lopez had the star power/influence at the time and had definitely been grooming Affleck’s image into a possible leading man status. Fortunately, Ben made his own way in the years after but has sometimes gone off track/fallen off the wagon. Wishing for him a comeback.

@Pukey2 8:47am: “This is going to end the same way it ended for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.” -

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Unfortunately, the age of ‘the Hollywood movie star’ may have officially died last week with ‘The Slap’.

Hopefully, Ben’s his own man now and sees Jennifer as an equal.

If anything’s been learned from last week’s ‘*Pinky On The Brain*’ embarrassing episode, it’s best for these celebrity couples to just leave their personal preferences, arrangements and toxic marriage troubles out of the public spotlight.

Best wishes to all those who want to put entertainment back on the screen.

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I’d give it 3years tops. He has a wandering eye and will wander.

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Best wishes for them.

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Don't do it, Ben!!

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Jennifer Lopez's Japanese nickname J-Lo caught on in the USA.

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What happened to A-Rod? I guess I just do not keep up to date on the J-Lo.

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Its gotta be love

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A couple a fools, doomed to fail, Jlo is zero for 4 for crying out loud LOL!!!!

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What was that old complaint? Waste of bandwidth? With all that is happening in our world, how do two only minimally talented purveyors of fantasy deserve international recognition of their momentary attention seeking demands? sigh

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