Jennifer Lopez files $20 million extortion suit


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How does a driver have USD 20 million to sue for?

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@Wakarimasen i am sure she knows that she will not get the 20 millions. she just do that just to proves that you can't blackmail her.

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Now won't the secrets come out in the suit?

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Everyone sueing anything for everything. But the bottomline is that Lopez has plenty of money to pay lawyers to protect her from any extortionist, even if she was doing drugs or something...

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I like the use of the new vocab word "ratings-challenged TV show". Very nice.

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what is going on in this video?

she's projecting some militant butch american B+*/>ch authoritarianism, and the boys are fingering their weenies with an expression that says, Hit Me Again, Baby?

America, a living lab for psychologists the world over.

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Why a civil suit? Isn't extortion a criminal offense?

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