Jessica Michibata yearns for 'silent week'


Model Jessica Michibata says she is into silent meditation these days.

Speaking at an event over the weekend to launch sales of her limited edition "Jessy Box" organic bath salts produced by cosmetic brand SHIGETA, Michibata, 27, said she would like to try silent meditation for one week. "If time allows, I want to do it in a place like India," she said.

Michibata, who is currently dating British Formula One driver Jenson Button, said she always takes extra care of herself the night before a special occasion. "Bath time is important," she said, adding she uses three different types of bath salt produced by herself and close friend Chico Shigeta, who is also the founder of SHIGETA.

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She looks good, and such maintenance is surely expensive.

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Well, she gets her quota of noise every two weeks at the Grands Prix.

If she wants absolute natural silence to balance it out, however, there are very few places left in the world to do it.

Ah, but I forgot, this is about bath salts...

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I want to try not speaking for a month... shouldn't be too difficult here in Japan since I might as well not be speaking as my Japanese isn't soOoo up to par.

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I yearn to see less of her at the grand prixs, especially if her boyfriend does well.

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Jessica Michibata in the bath. I might have to silently meditate for a while to get the image out of my head, otherwise I won't be able to get any work done today.

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nice, i'd like a week of silent meditation in india as well, unfortunately i can hardly afford a train to the next worthwhile city on a week-end atm ... is that supposed to invoke sympathy ?

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But this photo is actually from a wristwatch promotion event and she is making sure we inspect the goods thoroughly. Now that is what I call product placement.

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this photo is actually from a wristwatch promotion event...Now that is what I call product placement.

Someone's certainly watching her bust.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

didn't even notice she was wearing a watch!

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