Jessie J tours Tokyo streets aboard red double decker London bus


Pop star Jessie J brought a piece of London glamour to the streets of Tokyo Wednesday as she boarded a red London bus in the heart of downtown Tokyo.

The star - famous for songs including "Price Tag" – surprised locals by appearing as part of British Airways' London For Less campaign, which is highlighting the fantastic value foreign visitors can currently enjoy in England at the moment.

British Airways pilots and crew took to Tokyo's streets to celebrate how international travellers into London can currently enjoy the city's most famous attractions for up to 45% cheaper than usual following the appreciation of the Japanese yen.

The airline - which operates 14 flights a week between Tokyo and London - flew Jessie in from Los Angeles in America to meet her Tokyo fans. The historic bus toured the city between 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. offering free rides between Roppongi, Harajuku and Shibuya.

Chart-topper Jessie, 28, brought a smile to the faces of those on board, helping to judge a bus karaoke competition for Tokyoites to win a trip to London.

Speaking after the event, Jessie said: "I grew up in London so I'm no stranger to riding double decker buses but it has been a lot of fun to ride around on one in Tokyo and meet my fans here. London has always been an unbelievable city to visit - and right now it's even better value than ever."

As part of the event, members of the public were invited on board to meet Jessie J and take part in quizzes and karaoke contests to win prizes, including British Airways return flights to London in both its World Traveller and luxurious Club World cabins.

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I have seen lots of people dressed like that waiting to get into Pachinko Parlors after they change the machines around.

They Yen is weakening every day due to Trump, and that is good.

The only place you can use a bus like that is Tokyo because other places the streets too narrow and overhead wires. Has a Hong Kong feel to it.

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The last time I flew BA was 17 years ago and I swore never again. Virgin was spectacular and so sad they do not fly here anymore. I now use KLM or Finnair then hub it over to UK. Might try Emirates next time but never BA.

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BA? The airline that people would rather avoid? The airline that charges more than other airlines? The airline that tried to crush Virgin Airlines?

I've flown over 100 times between Asia and Europe and AVOID BA at all costs.......

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Shame London doesn't use those Routemasters anymore, and I bet BA aren't telling people they are getting rid of snacks on it's long haul flights.

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I think I'd rather walk, thanks.

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